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Free concerts under colourful canopies – Budapest Ritmo Picnic takes world music into the open


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10/5/2020 1:44 PM

Over two days this month, 15 free concerts will be taking place at the Millenáris Park, on Rákóczi tér and Hunyadi tér, courtesy Budapest Ritmo Picnic. The most exciting folk and world music performers on the Hungarian scene – including Mónika Lakatos and Mazsi Mihály Rostás, Sena Dagadu, Meszecsinka and Los Orangutanes – fill the agenda and, thanks to the outdoor setting, safe distancing while you dance is a given.

Budapest Ritmo awaits with exciting events, Hungarian acts and the usual festival atmosphere this autumn, combining two special events in one, with a WOMEX gala show to close the outdoor picnic.

Working creatively, the organisers have jumped at the challenge of putting together this festival, overcoming all obstacles and bringing us an event to lift everyone’s mood.

Ritmo for all

“We want to make Ritmo a multi-generational, daytime or evening experience for cyclists and children, people drifting in from the market nearby or those doing home office just after some fresh air," – Sára Marton, project manager, Budapest Ritmo.

Photo: Ritmo

Photo: Ritmo

Between 9-10 October, there will be 15 free concerts at Millenáris Park, on Rákóczi tér and Hunyadi tér. The most exciting folk and world music performers on the Hungarian scene create a memorable spectacle, summoning the world of distant landscapes as well.

Among the attractions will be duo Mónika Lakatos and Mazsi Mihály Rostás, Sena Dagadu, the Várkonyi Csibészek, cimbalom duo Kálmán Balogh and Miklós Lukács, Gypsy band Romano Drom, alterative Greco-Hungarian folk act Meybahar, a show by Julcsi Paár-Hangoló, klezmer chansons from Nosnach and Latin party sounds by Los Orangutanes. See the full agenda here.

Going home happy

“When I go up on stage, I just care about interaction with the audience. I go for it until everyone’s smiling and dancing. There are tough crowds but nothing is impossible. It is my responsibility for people to go home happy, full of adrenaline and dopamine to be happy, whatever the current situation. It’s not easy every time, especially if you’re not Superman. But I go up on stage and everything works," – Ivan Tabeira, Los Orangutanes.

Photo: Janez Marolt / Lakatos Mónika & Rostás Mihály Mazsi

At the same time as the Budapest Ritmo Picnic, Budapest Ritmo featuring WOMEX will form the closing event of the major annual CAFe Budapest festival, featuring a gala concert by Mónika Lakatos, recently granted the WOMEX Lifetime Achievement Award.

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