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If Újbuda is the new Újlipótváros, then it was high time the popular Babka restaurant in District XIII made its appearance across the Danube. The newly opened Babka Deli now brings the Babka experience to District XI. There are a few differences here from its flagship operation on Pozsonyi út, and visitors can expect home-made delicacies, unique coffees and a charming atmosphere combining deli and restaurant.

Babka has been a favourite in Újlipótváros for four years now, winning over locals with its exciting Middle-Eastern dishes, bold cocktails and inviting atmosphere. The owner, Attila Nemesvölgyi, was bolstered by the success to create the Babka Deli, which has long been planned in his mind. After all, he’s the same guy who brought us the other great favourite in Újlipi, Sarki Fűszeres! The planning for the smaller deli comes in the wake of the lockdown this spring, when Babka also transitioned quickly to home delivery.

The deli may be tiny, but it comes with loads of flavour packed within. Located at the bottom of the beautiful, curved Bauhaus terraced house on Zsigmond Móricz körtér, the entrance entices you in with simple wooden benches outside, and a charming open blue door. In addition to classic deli products, you can also take home whole dinners from here, and the selection is closely related to the theme of the original Babka. There’s even more to come: in the future the shelves will be filled with all their own products, while for now you can see familiar faces in the wines and beer selection like Lenkey, Légli  Géza and Bott Frigyes. There’s also a specialty Italian juice selection courtesy of Il Mio Brodo.

Don’t forget about coffee – Lucky Cap is on offer here, and every day you find a delectable selection of pastries – provided by a different craft bakery each time – to accompany your java. Bake My Day comes on Mondays, Minerva bakery is on Tuesdays and Fridays, Artizán on Wednesdays, Szívügyem on Thursdays and Jacques Liszt on Saturdays.

But the biggest draw to Babka Deli is without a doubt the selection of mezze, a Middle-Eastern platter which can include hummus, beetroot-and-goats' cream cheese, aubergine spread, labneh with pistachios, muhammara and pickled olives. Each one runs at 1,100 forints, with three for 2,990 forints and five for 4,999. If we’re ordering for a whole household, then we can ask for a box of the seven listed spreads, falafel and pastrami, with three pita included for 9,400 forints. The package is officially advertised for two people, but since the spreads weigh 16dkg each per serving, such a pack is plenty for a light dinner for three to four adults.

If you’re feeling especially hungry, the four-person platter arrives at a cool 16,900 forints, and comes with the option to add on some alcoholic beverages. The ginto box includes a bottle of gin and six different small-scale tonics. This gin experience starts at 12,900 forints, depending on the type of alcohol and tonic you choose. Faced with an uncertain autumn, these scrumptious box offers are designed to bring a little bit of Babka to your home.

When the weather isn’t too extreme, it’s worth trying out the small terrace of Babka Deli at Móricz, as well. Wherever you’re dining, Babka Deli is ready to make your meal colourful, tasty and full of delight.

Babka Deli
District XI. Móricz Zsigmond körtér 7
Open: Daily 9am-9pm 


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