The Vegan Market on Dob utca has always been full of great produce, but now that quarantine measures have shut down major operations, it is being reconfigured as a vegan grocery and convenience store.

Regulars will know the Vegan Market as a place focused on meat- and dairy-free treats and meals, but from this week onwards, the facility is turning its focus towards basic foods to supply shoppers with plant-based groceries.

The business is best described as an outdoor vegan grocery and convenience store. Items include vegetables, fruit, artisanal produce, vegan pet food, cat litter, beer, ice cream, horticultural magazines, spices, houseplants, potting soil, frozen foods and other plant-based goods. Strict hygiene precautions are being taken by all involved: vendors wear masks and gloves, and everything is disinfected regularly.

We learn from the organisers that home delivery will be available this week, and soon a webshop will be set up to further digitise operations. As far as catering goes, a spokesperson announced that vegan coffee, smoothies and sandwiches are also available for takeaway.