New Budapest bakery celebrates its Irish roots


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7/3/2019 12:23 PM

A new bakery by Budapest’s party quarter takes its name and its inspiration from Ireland. Hungarian couple Kinga and Attila learned their trade there and came home to set up on the corner of Wesselényi and Nagy Diófa utca. At the arán (‘Bread’ in Irish) bakery, tasty sourdough loaves and fine pastries showcase the specialist training Kinga received at the Technological University Dublin.

It was ten years ago that Kinga and Attila left Hungary to try their luck in the Irish catering sector.

Photo: Nóri Hunyadi - We Love Budapest

There Kinga discovered her true vocation, baking – a trade studied at higher level in Ireland. Taking the Bakery & Pastry Arts Management course, Kinga also participated in international workshops and won two awards.

It’s therefore no surprise that this newly opened bakery takes care of every detail. For example, the granola yoghurt contains seeds the couple mix themselves, and the divine croffins – a croissant-muffin crossbreed – are filled with homemade hazelnut praline. Among the drinks, you’ll find juices from Budapest firm Superjuice and One Eleven light-roasted coffee from Sopron.

Photo: Gastrografika

The main thing, of course, is the bread, with four types usually on the shelves. Plain white and a miso-sesame seed variety are always available, while the rest changes regularly. When arán first opened, customers could try kalamata-olive and quinoa breads, for example.

Photo: Hunyadi Nóri

With a crispy crust, soft, tasty and beautifully baked on the inside, the bread is characterised by a sourdough smell and stays fresh for several days.

Photo: Gastrografika

The process to convert the outlet began in January 2019, followed by long experiments and sampling while adjusting Kinga’s recipes for the oven. The puff pastries, the croissants and the hot breakfast pastries are flawless. Sandwiches are also available, the BLT nicely balanced.

They source from the Garat mill in Mohács, which usually does not sell to the public – but here you can buy their flour in bags and make your own bread at home.

Photo: Nóri Hunyadi - We Love Budapest

When they can, the owners also shop at the adjacent Klauzál utca market or from the Lumen fruit suppliers, making best use of what’s in the immediate vicinity – while providing locals with top-quality sourdough bread.

arán bakery District VII. Wesselényi utca 23

Open: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm

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