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Free exhibition presents creative 360° photos at Budapest’s Szimpla Kert


  • Kata Fári

05/02/2019 2.26pm

When in Budapest, the vanguard of ruin bars and the king of them all, Szimpla Kert is a must-see. And from now until 3 March, its ramshackle walls will be adorned with splendid 360° photos that create new planets for you to explore – a glass or two craft beer will help.

Among Worlds is an exhibition by Hungarian photographer Gábor Szidor N., presenting panoramic photos reimagined. Grabbing detail from the big picture and putting it in the spotlight, Gábor’s photos create new surreal spherical settings, looking much like new planets.

Photo: Gábor Szidor N.

“Photography shows us the essence of the world in a subjective way, letting us see though the eyes of a photographer at a particular place and time. In the meantime, we have the illusion that the subject of the photograph exists on its own without the photographer, yet he is always there with camera in hands. I decided to create my own little worlds, where nothing stays hidden from the eyes of my audience. My pictures all have their own worlds, telling stories without the photographer hiding in the background. You see the individual universes,” – says Gábor about his work.

Photo: Gábor Szidor N.

Photo: Gábor Szidor N.

“This is how the neon world of the Corvin Quarter, the Pest-side riverfront and many familiar scenes from Europe got their own planets. And this is how abstract photos are made, presenting different moods through unusual landscapes. This is what happens when we observe a detail not as part of a bigger picture but on its own. And although there is much beauty in each world, travelling between them is most exciting.”

Photo: Gábor Szidor N.

Photo: Gábor Szidor N.

Among Worlds is on view until 3 March at Szimpla Kert. More details

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