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Your perfect Neapolitan pizza is ready in a minute at Budapest’s new Manu+


  • Kata Fári

06/06/2018 7.12pm

Thin dough, crispy crust and a generous amount of tasty toppings; Neapolitan pizza is quite something. And at Budapest’s new Manu+, it bakes to perfection in just one minute. You pick a pizza from the menu, place your order and then just have time to settle in at one of the tables before your dish is delivered. Hiding in an atmospheric courtyard at Múzeum körút 7, Manu+ is the new outlet of Pizza Manufaktúra, an immensely popular eatery in Budapest, its name a guarantee of high quality.

Authentic Italian pizza is tasty, quick and high-quality, just like the ones devoured in the cobbled alleyways of Naples. Seven years ago, two young boys realised that this is exactly what Budapest needed too, and opened Pizza Manufaktúra. This restaurant's popularity has been sky high ever since. But while the original venue specialises in Roman-style pizza, the new outlet, Manu+, places the spotlight on Neapolitan.

Photo: Norbert Hartyányi - We Love Budapest

The location is special as this shadowy courtyard at Múzeum körút 7 is full of local history, while the name is a familiar term that regulars gave to Pizza Manufaktúra. Manu+ is tiny, but all the more welcoming. The centrepiece is a little original black-and-white oven from Naples, decorated with mosaics that together make up the name of the eatery – this is where magic happens in just one minute. The Neapolitan pizza genie lies in its simplicity, so the selection only holds eight variations. Trust us, you won’t need more as the high-quality ingredients – San Marzano tomatoes from the volcanic soil around Vesuvius, pizza flour from Naples – do the trick.

Photo: We Love Budapest

We popped in just before the opening and learned that the pizzas are left to rise for about 40 hours, so once they are in the oven, they only need a minute to come out just right. Thanks to this long preparation time, pizza will be light and won’t bloat you, so the good news is that yes, you can eat the whole thing. There’s no food coma afterwards, only a little dolce vita in Budapest.

Photo: We Love Budapest

The margherita, marinara and bianca options cost 1,500 HUF, while more extra variations are 2,000 HUF. The opening hours depend on the courtyard and the Facebook page will soon be in full operation.

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