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The Hatchery: bakery, café and workshop in one

Artisanal bakeries are springing up over Budapest. Now the Butter Brothers, whose flaky croissants and fine breakfasts have won over a loyal customer base near the Great Market Hall, have set up The Hatchery in the nearby pastry dessert of Mikszáth Kálmán tér in District VIII. The concept is simple: delicacies and speciality coffee during the week, gastronomic and other projects at weekends.

One of Budapest’s most notable bakeries, famed for its cocoa rolls, the Butter Brothers started out with no plans for creating a chain or mass production. But, as BB founder László Hagymási told us, this bakery space at Krúdy Gyula utca 7 came up and, over the course of 18 months, he devised a project around it.

The name ‘The Hatchery’ is a play on words, referring to the particular dough that creates the pastry twists, tartelettes and burger buns. According to László, it was important to have a different offering to what can be found at the Butter Brothers, so here you’ll find top-quality plum-cinnamon and raspberry swirls, chorizo ​​slippers and superlative granary chips.

But, as László says, the essence of The Hatchery is not the bakery itself, but to be part of the neighbourhood, to evolve with it, to offer an alternative to local residents when they start the day. This is not just about pricing (most items will not cost more than 400 forints), but on the layout – soon a back room will allow you to spend part of your morning at a long communal table.

As this can only be done during the week, on Saturdays it will operate in project mode. That is to say, they welcome sympathetic initiatives, and not just gastronomic ones. So if you think nobody can make better omelette, have a word with the people here and perhaps you can create your own and see it chalked up on the menu board. They have the staff, the background and everything else, you just have to bring your own well conceived concept – and stay loyal. The back room will also host exhibitions, concerts and various workshops related to baking.

These will only take place next spring – for the time being, The Hatchery is in trial mode and has not yet reached its final shape. But should not deter you from following the aromas of fresh coffee and pastries.

The Hatchery District VIII. Krúdy Gyula utca 7

Open: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm. Sat 8am-1pm.

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