Making their Budapest debut in a District VII car park, the Flock Project bring walls and murals to life in a dramatically choreographed performance of vertical dance and 90-degree acrobatics. Two companies, the Simorág TánCirkusz and Tűzmadarak, combine for four unique performances during the upcoming holiday break, two each on Monday, 22 October and Tuesday, 23 October. Being staged at Kertész utca 27, the shows will be free to watch and accompanied by the music of György Ferenczi and Rackajam.

The Flock Project have created this extravagant alfresco display in collaboration with Színes Város, a local collective dedicated to transforming Budapest’s urban landscapes with colour and culture.

Established in 2016, this twin-team troupe have performed at festivals and venues across Hungary, Romania and Slovenia but never in Budapest. ‘Flock’ refers to the bird-like jumps and movements integral to this lively dance show. Stage lighting and scripted texts add a theatrical touch to proceedings.

The Flock Project

District VII. Kertész utca 27 October 22 & 23, 4pm & 7pm More details