Jennifer Lawrence is spotted at Budapest’s Klub Vittula


4/21/2017 10:49 AM

While she’s in Hungary filming her next movie, “Red Sparrow”, A-list Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence is being spotted across Budapest, and when she’s not on duty, the starlet apparently enjoys diving into the city’s swirling nightlife. Recently the “Hunger Games” heroine was seen partying in District VII’s Klub Vittula, where she allegedly went up to the bar in a casual manner to order a beer before spending a few hours dancing and letting loose amid the stylishly dilapidated setting of the city’s most renowned dive bar.

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence arrived in Budapest during the first week of January to

shoot Red Sparrow, a thriller featuring the starlet

as an attractive spy of Putin’s secret service. Red Sparrow

is based on the 2013 bestseller by

former CIA agent Jason Matthews, and the main plot revolves around an ex-ballerina who has to seduce a young CIA agent. The movie is set to be released on November 10th

of 2017, but with luck, we can admire

Jennifer Lawrence long before the film’s debut in Budapest, as she is regularly being spotted out and about in the city and apparently likes diving

into the buzzing nightlife here – which

is precisely what she did on Wednesday night, when J-Law was seen partying at Vittula. Here’s photo evidence taken at the scene: However, it’s not only this



who makes the most out of her time in the Magyar metropolis – several celebrities were spotted around

Budapest during the past year while they were in the city for film

shoots, including Ryan Gosling, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Jamie Foxx, and Mike Myers, and they all kept Hungary’s capital buzzing with excitement when they appeared at numerous sites citywide. Now we can officially claim that Budapest is a star city!


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