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Thai cuisine is so exotic and exciting that it is easy to get hooked on it, so we’re glad to announce that a few months ago, a new restaurant opened in downtown Budapest where we can eat authentic soups, spring rolls, or stir-fried rice with shrimp. This new Thai gastro-haven is called Thai Spicy Nine, and it blends seamlessly into the lineup of pubs at Madách Square.

Spring rolls, Tom Kha, Tom Yum, fried noodle or rice dishes, sticky rice pudding, and fried banana – these are typical Far Eastern foods that one can usually buy on the streets of Bangkok. These healthy meals, mostly made in a wok, often contain coriander, mint, galangal, fresh vegetables, shrimp, and meat, and play with the harmony of sweet, salty, and sour flavors. Thai Spicy Nine puts these aromas into a Hungarian environment; their three Thai-born chefs work on cooking the aforementioned characteristic dishes as authentically as possible, but served on white plates and paired with table service.

As we entered this establishment decorated with holy symbols and photographs from Thailand, our goal was to taste something special. Following local advice, we decided to try the specialty of the house, dish number 12 – the Guaytiow soup (1,990 HUF), rich in chicken, rice noodles, cabbage, and other vegetables. This dish can only be prepared by the head chef, who is of Thai descent. The specialty is served with chili, sugar, and vinegar, which we’re supposed to put one tablespoon of into the soup.

We also tasted their spring rolls (1,490 HUF), a glass-noodle dish with chicken called Pad Thai Woon Sen (2,690 HUF), and Gung Phad Phong Ga Ree Raad Khaow, a rice dish with curry and shrimp (3,290 HUF). They all came in beautiful colors, featured exciting seasonings, and were provided in huge portions. Another specialty is the pad Thai with duck liver (4,500 HUF) and both the chef’s recommended dishes, which are made with a special marinade. The majority of the dried spices that they use come straight from Thailand, while they purchase some others from Vietnamese producers living in Hungary.

All in all, we can choose among five appetizers, five soups, numerous fried rice and noodle dishes, and three desserts – 95% of which are gluten- and lactose-free, and everything can be ordered without meat. Despite the impressive length of the menu, the illustrating photos give us a good clue about what is what, and the waitresses are more than happy to give guests additional advice. As for the drinks, we can sip on beer, Jasmine tea, or honey tea. While the restaurant is located right in the city center, it’s still good news that they will also offer home delivery service.

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