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Enjoy thematic Sunday brunches at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest

The city’s historic Corinthia Hotel Budapest entices restaurant guests with a truly tasteful event every Sunday – the elegant eatery hosts brunches with a different theme each weekend, when a lavish smorgasbord is presented. Dishes including heavenly hams, cheese specialties, fish, salads, and fresh pastries are suitable for a hearty breakfast, while the sumptuous selection also boasts mouthwatering lunch meals. The buffet-style feast is complete with Japanese sushi, traditional Hungarian meals, and succulent steaks, while on Easter Sunday, egg variations and lamb-based dishes are on the menu.

Enjoying a late breakfast on a lazy Sunday can be tempting, especially if it comes with chilled champagne, plus unlimited consumption of fine meals and drinks. This is what every Sunday is like at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest, where a lavish buffet is set up for restaurant guests at the Brasserie and Atrium between 12pm and 4pm, offering brunch feasts around a specific theme that is different every week. However, there’s one thing that never changes: these delightful events are always surrounded by an elegant atmosphere. Guests arriving at this deluxe locale are welcomed with a glass of champagne, tastefully set tables, live salon music, and a wide assortment of delicious treats offered for unlimited consumption for a fixed price. Furthermore, the event’s program is entirely family-friendly, and a human-sized squirrel called Roy entertains children at the kid’s corner.

Asia, pirates, and busós (iconic figures of the Hungarian carnival season) are all among the themes that have already been featured at brunches organized by the Corinthia Hotel Budapest, and when we visited this exciting event, local producers were in the limelight. The staff escorted us to our table, offered us drinks, and guided us through the menu, before we were left alone to indulge in the abundance of amazing food. While some dishes are permanent features of the Corinthia brunch feasts, on this occasion when we visited, the smorgasbord was complete with meals made of local farmers’ produce, including an extended selection of ham and cheese. Furthermore, we were also offered a nice assortment of smoked fish, fresh vegetables, salads, and spreads.

Another section of the dining hall offers full lunch meals to guests, including Strapačky made of sheep’s cottage cheese, pörkölt (Hungarian stew), and deep-fried breaded meat, while just a step away we can order freshly roasted tenderloin, sirloin, salmon, or chicken breast. Anyone craving Asian-style treats can also fill their plates with sushi, nigiri, or even sweet-and-sour chicken delicacies.

The gloriously gluttonous feast is best concluded with sampling many of the restaurant’s delicious desserts mini cheesecakes, crème brűlée, cup creams, strudel, ice creams, and fresh fruits fill a lengthy table, but guests can also order freshly made crepes. Eating here could easily last from 12pm to 4pm, but it is always worthwhile to follow the basic rules of the all-you-can-eat (and drink) system by trying a little bit of everything – this way, we can sample various treats ranging from Serrano ham to cheesecake. On Easter Sunday – in addition to the regular dishes that are offered during brunches at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest – egg-based meals, lamb, and a lavish selection of hams will fill the tables, while the live background music that is chosen especially for the occasion will make the hunt for Easter eggs even more pleasant.

Price: 11,500 forints for adults and 5,750 forints for children
For more information and table reservations, visit the official website of Brasserie and Atrium.

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