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Another specialty coffee shop on Museum Boulevard - Budapest Baristas


  • Dezse Balázs

30/04/2015 2.27pm

The city is not yet complete on the coffee front, or so we guess by the fact that another specialty coffee shop has opened on Museum Boulevard with the name Budapest Baristas. The shop is what we might expect of a specialty coffee place – light brown wood panels, white walls, minimalist logo and a La Marzocco machine – but it does not offer anything extra, extra special if we don't count the perfect location. Despite its simplicity, the place is still an attractive coffee option if we happen to be in the area.

Previously there had been a second-hand bookstore where the city’s newest coffee place, Budapest Baristas, opened recently. The specialty coffee shop offers roughly the same as other similar units.

Photo: Budapest Baristas

It is incomprehensible why there aren’t more catering establishments and shops opening in this part of the city: the boulevard has a wide sidewalk, the buildings are beautiful, there are trees and the sun shines in constantly. You couldn't wish for a better location to start a business. From behind Baristas’ windows, we can even watch the bustling life around ELTE University's campus, which is a particularly fun activity in springtime.

Photo: Budapest Baristas

We enjoyed our time in the company of an espresso and an Americano, both of which were fine. The coffees are made with contributions from Casino Mocca and La Marzocco, and in the expert hands of the trained baristas, so quality is guaranteed. We really liked that sugar is available, so the place does not try to convince everyone that coffee is only good by itself. Water is put out on the counter as well, so everyone can take from it as they please.

Photo: Budapest Baristas

In addition to coffees, they also offer cakes and other specialties: their palette includes tapioca pudding, homemade chocolate cake, and even a dairy, egg, gluten and sugar-free bounty pudding. Not bad if we want to relax and treat ourselves a little.

Photo: Budapest Baristas

However, we doubt that many students will become regulars at Budapest Baristas, because even though their coffee is not overly expensive an Americano still costs 600 forints, and we can get the same drink for half the price at some other places in the area. Nonetheless we have to admit that the level of quality is definitely a little higher here.

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