Terrific typography: New Budapest fonts by MOME students


3/17/2015 1:25 PM

First year masters degree students studying at MOME’s graphic design school received an unusual, Budapest-related task from prominent designer Tamás Marcell. They had to create a font -family based on inspiration from an iconic metropolitan building. The assignment, called Budapestype, forms part of a broader project that meets at the axis of building design and graphic design.

We found a description and results of the project on a forum of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The young artists could unleash their imagination and choose unusual, unique and captivating buildings to base their project on.

They also made a photo series of at least 30 pictures, which, in addition to photographs showing the entire building, contains more subjective, in-depth images focusing on smaller details and curiosities. Naturally, the students had to produce research of the given building’s local and cultural history as well.

Photo: Viktor Földi – Parisiana Mulató

The most interesting part of the project for us, however, is that the students also had to choose one picture and create an entire font family based on it - complete with numbers. A total of six of these typographies have been published on Tumblr, but according to the rumours more of these fonts will be published in the future. We can hardly wait!

Photo: Gita Elek – Kőbánya-Kispest Metro Station

Photo: Richárd Horváth – MÁV Verseny Street Vehicle Insurance Center

Photo: Andrea Csuport – Saint Elizabeth Church, Rózsák Square

Photo: Hajnalka Illés – Pántlika Bistro, City Park

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