Budapest’s District VII is now a global destination for hipsters


11/4/2015 1:00 AM

Europe’s hipsters have a way of constantly finding the most up-to-date hotspots for artisanal street food, offbeat clothing, and craft beer – and these days, there are few better places than Budapest to discover all three. That’s not just us bragging about this place, now it’s official: the latest survey by Global Trend Report, published on November 2nd, reveals that the urban youth’s favorite hangouts across the continent are located in London’s Dalston district, Berlin’s Kreuzberg area, and Budapest’s Jewish Quarter.

Yes, Budapest is now attracting ever-more young, middle-class people belonging to the 21st century’s streetwise subculture that prizes foods with complex taste, eccentric behavior, and edgysense of fashion that is as far from the mainstream as possible (until those preferences inevitably become mainstream).

Photo: We Love Budapest

The survey points out that big European cities managing to entice the young generation with cool new attractions were able to register the most considerable surge in tourism.

Posted on Monday, the article notes that District VII of the Magyar metropolis ranked higher than Gràcia in Barcelona, Stockholm’s Södermalm, or Amsterdam-Noord, also highlighting the central role of Airbnb in boosting tourist numbers.

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