The inspiration for a huge new mural on Kazinczy Street is a classic of regional cuisine, long-horned Hungarian Grey cattle – but here this rural beast is presented with cosmic verve. The two artists behind this oversized creation, Fat Heat and TransOne, painted the 600-square-meter mural over the course of a month. It was the first time that such a small crew worked on such a huge piece in Budapest. The outstanding piece of art was created as a part of Budapest’s Színes Város Festival.

Both artists can be labeled as internationally acclaimed, as TransOne was invited to a street-art festival in Tahiti, and Fat Heat just returned from Paris – where he was also invited to add some colors to the French capital – and painted many individual murals around Europe.

Hungarian Grey cattle is one of the most well-known local breeds of livestock, which can mostly be spotted in the countryside of the country’s southeastern plains – while downtown Kazinczy Street is famous for being a popular nightlife and tourism destination, especially for the restaurants and bars there. This city-dwelling specimen of Hungarian Grey cattle seems to enjoy its urban setting amid a fantastical realm that seems like a science-fiction scene. Traditions and the innovations of the modern world meet on the new mural, giving room for plenty of different interpretations, but all of them having a uniquely Hungarian background.