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Summer looks endless at 360 Bar in Budapest

What's better than sipping on a cocktail with your friends after a day of hard work, while looking over the whole city? One of the city's most popular rooftop lounges with a majestic panorama, 360 Bar, kicked off its second season just a few days ago, and it's even better than how we remembered it from last summer. It was redesigned so that an open kitchen was added, and they are welcoming the first rays of sunshine with a real all-star lineup.

It's great to have a drink or two with friends at a ruin pub or a sunny terrace, watching people as they are passing by...

but the real thrill is when the whole city is below us – and that's why we love rooftops bars so much. It's just a whole different kind of experience when you can look at famous Budapest buildings from a different perspective, while watch the sun setting – especially if you are with your friends and each of you has an ice-cold drink in hand. We can't think of a more ideal setting for a night out that lasts until the next morning.

Of course, the panorama hasn't changed a bit: the Parliament and St. Stephen's Basilica are still poking above the skyline, but the furniture of the terrace is new and more spacious. There are more flowers to add a hint of romance, and we've already mentioned that there's an open kitchen offering salvation for empty stomachs. Salads, daily soups, light pastas, sandwiches, desserts, and large tapas plates are on the menu. On Sundays, they'll organize brunches, with headnodding hip-hop for a soundtrack and a special menu: English breakfast, Hungarian-style French toast ("bundás kenyér"), and pastries are just some of the specialties that you can order on these special occasions. When it comes to liquid refreshment, wines, beers, and both classic and new-wave cocktails are still the primary offers at the bar.

360 Bar is open every day from 2pm, so it's good both for some laid-back relaxation after work or to consume the first shots of the night.

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