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Látomás is flirting with men on Friday


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01/09/2011 2.00am

Julie Szontagh, the founder of Látomás, arrived in Hungary 13 years ago and immediately fell in love with Budapest. At the moment she’s a proud owner of 3 shops that have soon become one of the faves of the urban youth  as a result of their charisma. The simple cut models and their friendly prices are the main reasons that Látomás has become an important shop on the fashion map of the capital. But Julie can’t stop, as she’s always thinking about new projects, she is going to open a men’s showroom at her own place. The debut will take place on Friday at Klauzal street where Julie will welcome the boys and girls with an open day party.

If I say "Budapest guy", what comes into your mind first and what he wears?I’d pick these casual, but at the same time elegant guys with bristle. They have style. You can find them at Mika Tivadar or this new place called Doboz. They are the Budapest guys for me. I don’t like it if someone is too rigid or looks like an idiot.What makes you nuts when you see a guy?

Maybe those bags on which you can see text. That makes me nuts. I don’t like those colourful glasses either. But they’re not very popular in Hungary. A guy should wear simplier stuff. Most men are afraid of elegant, sophisticated wear since they think that those clothes are too feminime or gayish.How come the idea of a men’s showroom?I can’t sit back and relax.

I always need to be challenged.

I started with one shop then a friend of mine convinced me that I should have open another one, and I happened to open the third one. I can’t be bored, I always need something to do. The main reason I open this showroom is that you find the same guy wear everywhere. I’d like to show the boys that there’s another way. They souldn‘t always pick those printed T-shirts they should try T-shirt with V-neck or more exciting cutting, too.Do you know other shops similar to yours?

There are few of them. You can find those multinational shops such as H&M and Zara, and of course at the same time they can buy designer clothes, that look nice but they are not always for everyday wear. All in all, there are the mass—products and the more expensive and extravagant designer clothes.Látomás is famous for its low prices. How can you sell your stuff at a low price?I directly buy the clothes from the manufacturer. I constantly looking for the new lines. I’d rather sell more clothes for a less price. I have a passion for searching for new clothes and accessories and bring them to my costumers. I don’t like it when something can be found at the shop for a long time. Usually I get one item from each size, that’s all. The other reason why people love Latomas that they don’t meet someone wearing the same dress.What would you say about Fridays Wear, the new shop?It’s not a shop, it’s my flat. Fridays Wear is a showroom. I chose this solution because guys have a different shopping style. Moreover, I didn’t want to invest again and as I had an empty place at my home I decided to open a little ‘shop’ at my own place. Anyway, the idea came from a man with whom I flied once and I got so excited I must have done it. As my flat is in the city centre at a frequented square and as my friends also supported the idea I decided to open it.What will you sell at the showroom?You can buy shirts, belts, trousers, scarves, hooded jackets, cardigans, and mostly grey and black T-shirts. There are some design shoes from Cargomoda, these plimsoll shoes fit well the simple cut clothes.The showroom will be open once or two in a month, but everyone can visit it by registration. What will happen on an open day?There will be minimum one open day in a month where I’m going to introduce the new collection and also organise a mini party with welcome drinks, some food and music. This Friday a friend of mine will cook, and at the bar we will mix some delicious cocktails. The ice cubes have already arrived. (Laughing) We will be waiting for the guests from 3pm to 10pm. I’m very excited.

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