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Vino Castillo: wine tasting at the right place

There’s a place in Damjanich Street, only a couple of steps from City Park, where we can feel a piece of Spain opening up before our very eyes. The atmosphere and the wines no doubt prompt that. It’s honest, passionate and full of emotions.

If you feel like tasting some wine in Budapest, there are a good number of places to turn to. Your choice is driven by your taste, mood and what you can afford. These bars all have differing atmospheres, and Vino Castillo Wine House presents yet another. Its name itself can betray what it’s like. There might have been only one of its kind before, Tintofino, that pioneered in being the first wine shop where there was a tapas bar, too, so you could revel in eating the delicious Spanish delicacies beside the wines. Vino Castillo delivers the same atmosphere, quite unsurprisingly, as the owner is the same person who created Tintofino back in the days. He’s absolutely fond of Spain, to the degree that he even ventured into going on the famous pilgrimage, El Camino, in order to cleanse his mind, put his body to a test and absorb the feel of the Spanish wine regions and the love for wines and grapes, and to get to know the Spanish vintners and wine making culture in the most authentic way possible.One of the driving force, the engine behind the wine house is the owner, Zsolt, who elaborates on wines in a welcoming, detailed and joyful way to anyone interested. And that with such emotion, that it’s really hard to suppress the desire to set out on El Camino, or at least to have a go at sampling some of the wines. The other driving force or soul of the place is Hajni, the sommelier, who has the very temperament needed for this place, with a convincingly imposing knowledge to back it up. So if you decide to walk this way from City Park, the place you’ll find is one where hospitality and high-degree professional knowledge surrounds and welcomes you, alongside the most delicious wines - not only Spanish but really fine homemade Hungarian ones, and soon enough those of French cellars, too. What’s more, you can even buy quality olive oils, as well. What’s more to say, if you’re even a little open to this world, get prepared to be overwhelmed here. And if you not only come for shopping but for a fine dinner with wine tasting, don’t hesitate to visit Vino Castillo. Mostly because these events almost always guarantee that you’ll spend the night among friendly people in a casual environment where you can chat freely about wine without any constraints of snobbery or abrakadabra.

Coming to these casual wine tasting dinners is also a great way to narrow the gap between those who are still entering this world and the love for wines, not to mention the fact that the genre of wine tastings is that of first-name basis. If you want to go all serious, why don’t you go to the opera or play chess, right? Bottom line is: if you wish for some Spanish airiness, a sojourn from the world of Hungarian wines or have a good time in a bigger company, just like you’d do at a party in your home, Vino Castillo is the place to go. So you might want to loiter more around City Park and Damjanich Street if you feel like you could use some warmth and passion.

Vino Castillo Winebar (closed)Address: 1071 Budapest, 47 Damjanich


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