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10 Budapest hotspots for watching FINA competitions live 7/21/2017

From FINA’s outdoor cheer zones to popular ruin pubs and high-spirited bars, many Budapest locales welcome water-sports fans with live broadcasts of matches.

15 things to do in Budapest during the FINA World Championships 7/19/2017

The world’s biggest aquatic-sports contest is under way in the Hungarian capital – we provide a guide to visitors for what to see and do beyond the pools.

20 irresistible Budapest ice-cream shops for summer 2017 7/18/2017

Every summer, we set out to discover the most finger-lickin’ ice cream in Budapest. Here are 20 of this year’s best confectioneries offering frosty delights.

Budapest traffic changes during the FINA World Championship 7/17/2017

Here is all the info you need to know if you plan to visit competition venues of the 17th FINA World Championships, shaking up the city during July 14-30.

How to visit Lake Balaton from Budapest for FINA 2017 events 7/14/2017

“The Hungarian Sea” is the setting for the open-water swimming competitions of Hungary’s FINA World Championships during July 15-21 at the Balatonfüred shore.

FINA Championships venue guide for Budapest and Lake Balaton 7/14/2017

The world’s biggest aquatic-sports tournament is happening in Hungary this summer – we present detailed information about where the competitions are happening.

Discover Budapest’s hidden gems of the Duna-Ipoly National Park 7/13/2017

From spectacular caves to a panoramic hilltop reserve to a historic village, the Duna-Ipoly National Park offers adventurous attractions around the city.

Events and services during the Budapest FINA Championships 7/12/2017

From the spectacular opening ceremony to competitions across Budapest to cultural programs, we highlight key happenings of the 2017 FINA World Championships.

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