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The Hungarian footwear and streetwear brand DRK often collaborates with Magyar artists to design snazzy signature collections. In a recent partnership to create a limited-edition line for the label, DRK joined forces with local stylist Máté Fehér from Budapest’s West Coast Barbers, whose name is now associated with the brand’s freshly released line of hats and T-shirts enhanced with unconventional Bosnian and Serbian prison-tattoo patterns. This evocative collection is now available online from DRK’s webshop and at the brand’s flagship store on Andrássy Avenue.

DRK Flagship Store Andrássy

1067 Budapest, Andrássy út 33.
+36 20 318 6980

Since its 2013 opening, the popular Hungarian streetwear brand DRK (short for Dorko) launched 11 stores nationwide with five shops located in Budapest, proffering unique hats, sneakers, clothes, bags, and accessories. To create eccentric collections, the brand often partners with local artists, a successful formula that also allows them to reach a wider audience. Designers of DRK included the former singer of the local band Carbonfools Balázs Fehér, tattoo artist Balázs Bercsényi, artist Nóra Soós, and professional skater Lajos Petrányi, also known as Ostya

Photo: DRK

For their latest project, DRK teamed up with family man and stylist from West Coast Barbers Máté Fehér, who designed a new collection of hats and T-shirts for the brand. While dreaming up the fashionable items, the artist drew inspiration from the eccentric patterns of Bosnian and Serbian prison tattoos. Each piece carries underlying meaning, symbolizing the artist’s commitment to his family and his passion for his profession, while highlighting the importance of human values.

Photo: DRK

The collection was designed and released to celebrate the grooming team’s third shop opening near Budapest’s Oktogon intersection. By their definition, West Coast means “west of the Danube” – where folks are unique, simple, and cool. These latest pieces of DRK reflect this very mentality and are available for purchase in the brand’s webshop and at their flagship store on Andrássy Avenue

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