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3 new cool and contemporary co-working spaces in Budapest

Photo: Norbert Juhász/We Love Budapest

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 — Balázs Dezse

Shared working spaces are not a new invention; many 21st-century companies have already discovered the benefits of abandoning strict work schedules at one fixed location to instead embrace flexibility, creative freedom, and fostering a free exchange of ideas amid a cooperative workplace, often resulting in the best results. Although there are already many co-working spaces in Budapest, these fresh mental-stimulation stations feature especially innovative features and stylish settings.

Impact Hub Budapest

Impact Hub Budapest

1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2., 1. emelet

Impact Hub opened in the former Royal Palace at Ferenciek Square a few weeks ago, and already enjoys great popularity. The 600-square-meter communal space is a fusion of an office to rent, a club, and a coffeehouse. There are 80 Impact Hub offices around the world, which work as a well-organized unit despite their distance from each other, with the organization’s main motivation being sustainability. Members can use any of these offices, and we can talk about real convergence in terms of resources, as well: workers there are expected to help each other – so accountants help with the others’ tax declaration, and programmers assist with the development of promising applications. Prospective members (companies or individuals) must undergo a selection process. In addition to everyday work, the office can also be used to hold events, meetings, and presentations. The prices are as follows: the smallest membership package costs 15 euros, which includes eight working hours per month; however, for 110 euros members get unlimited access, including discounted access to events, unlimited use of work space, a registered post box, and for an additional 30 euros, a fixed desk. Members are open and creative, and not a day goes by without getting acquainted with a new person, with whom we could even launch our next enterprise.

Budapest Pont

Budapest Pont recently launched within a cellar on Királyi Pál Street, under the same roof as ImagineBudapest. Instead of a classic community space, it’s more of a project that gives place to lectures, presentations, and creative ideas. The arched basement consists of two rooms, where all the presentations and programs take place, with a wide variety of topics to choose from. This is what really makes Budapest Pont unique: instead of the usual startup-IT line, it aims to satisfy residential needs, welcoming even those who don’t necessarily want to invent the next Facebook. In addition, there’s another reason for visiting: this is where they keep the key of the neighboring city wall showroom, which visitors can take a look at during working hours. You can find more information about upcoming events here.

Budapest Pont



1136 Budapest, Pannónia utca 32.

Mosaik, still under construction but almost ready for liftoff, will be one of the most exciting community projects for those working in IT. The 1,000-square-meter office will include a café, a library, a backyard with benches and a grill terrace, and a community space, including 40 fixed desks for rent, and 60 desks available for anyone. Everything happens in English here, there will be an international guest speaker every week, and their unconcealed intention is to go against the domestic, “intensive” tech scene. Naturally, the team of Mosaik dreams about more than desks and community spaces; they are looking to encourage cooperation between different members and teams, and to help Budapest catch up with the international startup movement. The planned opening date is around the end of May, but so far it’s only construction workers who occupy the place – however, anyone who is interested can attend the Mosaik pre-launch party on April 22nd, just by registering in advance. At Mosaik, membership fees start at 30 euros, which includes basic facilities: two working days and one hour of meeting room usage every month, and a flexible desk. Full-time membership costs 130 euros, for which members get a dedicated desk, unlimited working days, and their company name displayed at the street entryway.

UPDATE: Mosaik is now completely refurbished and welcoming Budapest’s brilliant innovators for varied events and memberships – check out our new photo essay.

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