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City guide 
3 of Budapest’s forgotten tram lines captured in old photos
In connection with a really interesting and informative collection of old tram and tram line...
City guide 
Elizabeth Bridge
This slender white cable bridge connects the city centre with Gellért Hill. Elizabeth Bridge...
Central Café and Restaurant
Founded in 1887, the Centrál Café is one of the oldest coffeehouses in Budapest. It safeguards...
1053 Budapest, Károlyi Mihály utca 9.
City guide 
Breaking news: Danube bomb found in downtown Budapest
A 100-kilo Soviet-made aerial explosive – assumed to be harrowing heritage from World War...
City guide 
On the waterfront: new videos reveal secret history of Budapest
One-man video-maker, tour guide and urban historian Gábor N. Szidor has just created two short...
City guide 
Három Holló Café
The original Három Holló, located on Andrássy Avenue, near the Hungarian State Opera, was...
City guide 
Budapest in Blue: new artworks portray shades of city scenery
The sun shining above the Citadel, a plane passing over Elizabeth Bridge, sunlight creating...
City guide 
Panoramic Spans: Budapest’s bridges present spectacular views
Whether admiring the city skyline from the middle of their walkways or gazing at their majestically...
City guide 
Dakota Fanning is spotted sightseeing and soaking in Budapest
So many Hollywood blockbusters are shot in Budapest nowadays that we almost don’t get surprised...
City guide 
Watch Hungarian band Fran Palermo’s first video, shot in Budapest
We’ve waited a long time, but the increasingly popular Hungarian band Fran Palermo finally...
City guide 
Wild waves and rooftop rays – the fantastic features of Budapest’s baths
What more could you wish for? The sun’s shining, it’s going to be another perfect Budapest...
Video: F1 racer Nico Hülkenberg drives a vintage Budapest tram
While in Budapest for this past weekend’s 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix, German Formula 1 driver...
City guide 
See rare color photos of summer in Budapest during World War II
Admire the beauty of Hungary’s capital soon before its total destruction, as locals went...
City guide 
Emptying Budapest: The unique Nobody Nowhere exhibition
This idea of Gergely Vas' had been around for a couple of years before it was finally brought...
City guide 
Massive group cycling event this spring – I Bike Budapest
It looks like Critical Mass will be held again this year - just with a different name. The...
City guide 
Philosophers' Garden
Hidden in the green area on Gellért Hill above Elizabeth Bridge, the Philosophers’ Garden...
Columbus Ship
Moored between the Chain Bridge and the Elizabeth Bridge, the boat earlier known as Columbus...
City guide 
The revival of Ferenciek tere
The renovation of Ferenciek tere kicks off this November within the course of Budapest’s...
City guide 
Fountain of Youth: Drink Budapest’s thermal water
Famed for their curative properties as far back as the ancient Celts, Budapest’s thermal...
The best cafés in Budapest
Ever since Budapest began to flourish at the end of the 1800s, and the city transformed into...
City guide 
7 best Budapest places for atmospheric autumn photos
As the crispy morning air is warmed by rays of autumn sun, daytime illumination plays vibrant...
City guide 
Oxygen Wellness - Naphegy
A true 5-star gym in one of the best neighbourhoods of Budapest, whence you can admire the...
City guide 
Check out photos of Budapest’s Danube banks in bygone times
In the past, the river that cuts Budapest in half played a much bigger role in the city’s...
City guide 
“My Neighborhood”: see retro Budapest photos up to 100 years old
On Friday, Projekt Gallery opens a new exhibit presenting stunning pictures of bygone downtown...
City guide 
Klotild Palaces
The northern Klotild Palace was built in a British neo-baroque, eclectic style in the 5th district of...
City guide 
Ferenciek tere
Ferenciek tere (‘Franciscans’ Square’) is situated in front of Elizabeth Bridge, a constant...
City guide 
5 Budapest bridges essential for sightseeing
Budapest is a city of grandiose bridges. Guidebook-star Chain Bridge connects downtown Pest...
City guide 
Faces Behind the Places in Budapest: Sándor Petőfi
At the southern end of Pest’s Danube Promenade, stunning riverfront scenery surrounds a small...
Guest Experience: Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace
Unlikely as it may seem, a luxurious palace of Oriental grace welcomes guests in the heart...
City guide 
The most beautiful bridges in Budapest
Some people liken Budapest to conjoined twins characterized by completely different personalities,...
City guide 
25 best places in Budapest to see the fireworks on August 20th
Every August 20th, Hungary celebrates its own birthday with firework shows across the country....
City guide 
How to celebrate August 20th in Budapest
On 20 August, the country celebrates St Stephen, founder of the Hungarian kingdom In 1000 AD....
City guide 
The return of the Rác, Budapest’s historic spa
New plans should see the Rác spa and hotel near the Buda riverfront open by 2019, according...
Designs now chosen for the New Danube Bridge
With the Chain Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge and Liberty Bridge ever busier, Budapest is looking...
Három Holló opens in Budapest to revive old Endre Ady haunt
Endre Ady was a turn-of-the-century Hungarian poet and journalist, regarded by many as the...
City guide 
Cheer for the FINA World Championships at Terasz Budapest
Fervent sports fans are making a splash in Budapest as the 17th FINA World Championships are...
City guide 
Budapest adds a convertible bus to its fleet of vintage rides
Budapest’s BKK public-transport company offers rides aboard many heritage vehicles during...
City guide 
Peek into Budapest’s past through riverfront SKUBI-boxes
A series of innovative mini-exhibition spaces entices passersby who want to have an enlightening...
City guide 
Tour Budapest aboard vintage vehicles on weekends all summer long
Budapest’s BKK public-transport company operates several old-fashioned vehicles that carry...
City guide 
Join the Night of a Thousand Lights flash mob on Gellért Hill
A fascinating flash mob will make Gellért Hill literally sparkle with countless bulbs for...
City guide 
Budapest’s new murals of Színes Város 2015
As the city’s biggest annual celebration of street art, Budapest’s Színes Város Festival...
City guide 
Papp László Budapest SportArena
Standing beside the Puskás Ferenc Stadium, the Papp László Budapest SportArena (Arena) is...
City guide 
Danube Promenade
The pedestrianised waterside walkway between Chain Bridge and Elizabeth Bridge is called Danube...
City guide 
Soak Upgrade: visit the new modern wing of Rudas Bath
Located directly on the riverfront at the foot of Gellért Hill, Rudas might be the thermal...
City guide 
Budapest bridges from the walker’s perspective
Bridges are literally and in essence a crossover; they are a link over a mass that is otherwise...
City guide 
Tales of the Tabán, Budapest’s long lost Balkan quarter
The Tabán, once an atmospheric Balkan quarter of little cheery bars and one-storey houses...
City guide 
Tram 41 provides panoramic Budapest sightseeing for only one euro
We have previously recommended roaming on public trams as the second cheapest sightseeing option...
City guide 
Rudas Bath readies for winter wellness and late-night soaks
In the middle of an idyllic downtown setting lies a thermal bath with Zsolnay porcelain and...
City guide 
Art Market Budapest is a maze of aesthetic attractions
Towering statues and tiny drops of paint are now fascinating viewers at the annual Art Market...
City guide 
Tram 2
Hopping on tram 2 is considered one of the most beautiful and cheapest ways of sight-seeing...
Budapest’s public transport “sightseeing” routes
From the Cogwheel Railway to the Children's Railway, and from the Zugliget Chairlift to the...
City guide 
City centre / Belváros
Enclosed within the Kiskörút or Small Boulevard, the Belváros (‘Inner City’) is the...
City guide 
Gellért Hill
Creating the dramatic, twin-peaked skyline of Buda alongside Castle Hill, Gellért Hill is...
City guide 
Happy Birthday Budapest! A century of changes in photos
The capital of Hungary was created 141 years ago, in the autumn of 1873 when Pest, Buda, Óbuda...
City guide 
Twenty minutes of sightseeing for the price of a chocolate bar
What can you do in Budapest for 350 HUF, which lasts 20 minutes, and which you won't forget?...
City guide 
Top 10 things to do in Budapest
Visiting Budapest and want to know the must-see sights? While there's so much to see and do,...
City guide 
10 ways to combine fitness and sightseeing in Budapest
It can be difficult to maintain an exercise routine while visiting an unfamiliar city, but...
City guide 
11 reasons to visit Budapest in spring 2018
Budapest never sleeps but the city is even more alive during the warmer months. In spring,...
City guide 
10 Budapest hotspots for watching FINA competitions live
At the height of summer, the Hungarian capital is bustling with locals enjoying the city’s...
City guide 
How to tour Budapest within a few hours during a long layover
Naturally, we here at We Love Budapest encourage all visitors to spend as much time in Hungary’s...
City guide 
6 Budapest baths with unexpected amenities
Budapest has many muscle-melting hot springs that have been used for centuries to rejuvenate...
City guide 
7 spectacular autumn activities in Budapest
As the changing leaves start covering the city with myriad hues of brown and red, while light...
City guide 
5 historic lookout points in the hills above Budapest
The soaring Buda Hills provide plenty of incredible viewpoints over Hungary’s capital, and...
City guide 
One Ticket to Paradise: bus 8E to Ördög-orom Nature Preserve
When the bustle of downtown Budapest becomes overwhelming, we can always escape the concrete...
City guide 
How to survive Budapest for Christmas 2017
It’s Christmas! Let’s get out and celebrate! The only problem is… where? While in most...
City guide 
Join free events in Budapest for World Tourism Day 2017
Celebrations for World Tourism Day take place in major cities worldwide every year on September...
City guide 
Become king of the road in Budapest with mini hot rods
Miniature automobiles speed down Budapest’s central thoroughfares, their engines roaring...
City guide 
Stories and secrets of Budapest’s 99-year-old Gellért Bath
Budapest is often referred to as the capital of thermal baths in Europe, since the city sits...
City guide 
4 videos presenting Budapest in 4K resolution
As video technology advances ever faster nowadays, high-quality cameras are becoming increasingly...
City guide 
Faces Behind the Places in Budapest: Szent Gellért
Dramatically rising from the Buda riverfront and topped by the Liberation Monument and Citadel,...
City guide 
It’s Farsang time! Where to celebrate Carnival season in Budapest
In the lead up to the pre-Easter Lent period, Budapest boasts a flamboyant swirl of camouflaged...
City guide 
Interesting and important Hungarian women
International Women's Day on March 8 celebrates the achievements of women, while calling for...
City guide 
Budapest’s sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List
The UNESCO World Heritage List is a prestigious group of cultural and natural sites of outstanding...
City guide 
Show Off! Top 10 places to take pictures in Budapest
We all love to travel and soak in our destination's atmosphere. But, let’s be honest, traveling...
The best foreign language bookstores in Budapest
Although the technological advancement of the last couple of years has taken its toll on the...
City guide 
10 best ways to beat the heat in Budapest
With the thermometer climbing over 30, a hot city can be a challenge. Here we suggest the ten...
Budapest’s best hidden terrace lunch spots
With the hot weather now upon us, there’s nothing better than beating a retreat to a restaurant...
City guide 
5 easy bicycle excursions around Budapest
Budapest and its surroundings offer a huge variety of attractions that are especially pleasant...
City guide 
Interview: meet Budapest-native photographer Krisztián Bódis
Krisztián Bódis is a Hungarian photographer who knows Budapest better than his own mind:...
City guide 
10 brilliant new murals painted in Budapest for Színes Város 2016
The annual Színes Város (Colorful City) Festival, a one-month-long cultural event, was held...
Terrace time comes early in Budapest
As the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, we start to long for sunbathing our faces in the first...
5 activities for getting a healthy start to 2016 in Budapest
After December’s gluttonous gatherings, many of us make New Year’s resolutions in an attempt...
6 Budapest eateries with views of the August 20th fireworks
Budapest’s biggest fireworks spectacular glitters over the city skyline and reflects in the...
City guide 
7 ways to seize the day at dawn in Budapest
When the city is still covered with haze and the sun is just below the horizon, as lampposts...
City guide 
Glimpse Budapest’s 20th century history at these sights
One of the fascinating things about Budapest is that history can be felt on every street corner....
City guide 
Budapest Essentials: basic information about Hungary’s capital
Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is located in Central Europe on the banks of the Danube...
City guide 
Getting around Budapest
Budapest’s public transport system has vastly improved during the last two decades, although...
City guide 
The superlatives of Budapest
Because of its size and population, Budapest is the number one city in Hungary. However, there...
City guide 
15 best terraces in Budapest for summer 2018
From Akvárium to Zsiráf, alfresco spaces spread across Budapest all summer long, providing...
City guide 
8 great memorable star visits to Budapest in 2017
Why do We Love Budapest? Because it’s a great city, great for dining, great for drinking,...
10 Budapest restaurants for Christmastime buffet brunches
’Tis the season to be jolly – and there’s no better way to enjoy that feeling than feasting...
City guide 
Short Budapest Fiction: “Soproni 1895”
It was an angry kind of drunkenness – all of the staggering, blurry vision, and slurred mumbling,...
City guide 
Top 10 spots for taking panoramic photos of Budapest’s cityscape
An ever-increasing number of visitors arrive in Budapest to admire its architectural masterpieces...
City guide 
28 sedate spots for taking a break while sightseeing in Budapest
While touring Budapest (or any major metropolis), we all need to pause sometimes between admiring...
City guide 
A guide for the First District of Budapest
When you take a peek at the district map of Budapest, you’ll feel like as if you were...
14 lovely Budapest dinner-date events on Valentine’s Day 2017
Candlelight, delicious dishes, your special someone, and Budapest – enjoy this recipe for...
City guide 
14 top panoramic views of Budapest in autumn
There’s no better way to see Budapest than from above, where the magnificent sweep of the...
City guide 
4 Budapest thermal baths where you can soak in history
Bathing in hot-spring waters is a Budapest tradition dating back centuries, and this living...
City guide 
Discover Budapest’s hidden gems around the Duna-Ipoly National Park
In summer, sun-soaking crowds fill Budapest to immerse in a variety of alfresco urban attractions,...
9 Budapest restaurants with enticing terraces for summer 2017
Summer is now in full swing in Budapest, enticing everyone outside to enjoy mouthwatering meals...
City guide 
14 fantastic unique date ideas for summertime in Budapest
Love is most commonly associated with springtime, but buzzing hormones still swirl through...
City guide 
A traditional 24 in Budapest
Contrary to some beliefs, preferring traditional venues and leisure time activities while being...
City guide 
District Guide – The best of the First District
When you take a peek at the district map of Budapest, you’ll feel like as if you were looking...
City guide 
50 best things to do in Budapest
Attracting record numbers of visitors, Budapest is the destination of choice for many a discerning...
City guide 
Events and services during the Budapest FINA Championships
On July 14th, a gala on the Danube opens the FINA World Championships in Budapest, with a spectacular...
3 routes for springtime strolling in Budapest
Now that the weather is finally warm in the Hungarian capital, the best way to discover the...
City guide 
15 places to go ice skating in Budapest this winter
Budapest's ice skating season began officially with the opening of the City Park Ice Rink back...
20 terrific Budapest terrace hangouts for summer 2016
Old favorites, second homes, and niche-filling newcomers are all found in our new terrace roundup....
City guide 
Budapest to the Future: city development plans in 2016 and beyond
In the last third of the 19th century, during the so-called Gründerzeit era, Budapest was...
City guide 
17 reasons to visit Budapest in summer 2017
Hungary’s capital is the epicenter of hot happenings during the sun-splashed months with...
Where to get breakfast in Budapest – the ultimate list
Whether you are looking for the perfect Eggs Benedict, a luscious sausage meal, scrumptious...
City guide 
Top 25 most searched for cafés and restaurants on WLB
We Love Budapest has profiles for literally thousands of the city's venues, with a short write-up...
City guide 
Top 25 attractions in Budapest: Bars and Clubs
We Love Budapest has profiles for literally thousands of the city's venues with a short write-up...
City guide 
50 best things to do in Budapest in summer
Summer’s here and you’re in Budapest! Here’s where to find the best festivals, the buzziest...
10 Budapest hotspots for watching FINA competitions live
At the height of summer, the Hungarian capital is bustling with locals enjoying the city’s...
Ultimate Budapest: the best classic coffeehouses in town
Budapest’s classic coffeehouses are a sight to behold, their fin-de-siècle splendor a backdrop...
City guide 
8 types of open-air transport for breezy rides in Budapest
During summertime’s most sweltering days, we dread the prospect of cramming into a crowded...
City guide 
7 splendid streets for beautiful strolls in Budapest
As a major metropolis that is not too big and not too small, Budapest is a perfect city to...
50 best breakfasts in Budapest
As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, our intrepid editorial team has explored...