Véletlen Bar

Photo : László Mudra / WLB

At this stylish jewellery box of a bar on the Buda side, nearly 30 types of premium gins – including specialities from Japan, Norway and Switzerland – pair with 12 different tonics. The menu features harmonious recipes, but you won’t be disappointed if you order your drink tailored to your taste. A sip of their Hand Roses – Hendrick’s gin, rose pepper, cucumber and Fentimans rose lemonade – will give you that refreshing taste without too much bitterness, while our favourite, the ’nmore – nginious! gin, vanilla-chestnut jam, lavender and Peter Spanton chocolate tonic – will make any decent chocolate lover go ’yumm’. On that note, each table is topped with raspberry and Himalayan salt chocolates and peanuts, so even though there are no bar snacks yet, you won’t be left with nothing to munch on. And if you aren’t a fan of G&T, cocktail concoctions and coffee also feature.

The Véletlen Bar shows environmental awareness by offering non-plastic straws, while one of the bottles hiding in their own-made lucky bags hanging on the wall is an Elephant gin that supports the preservation of the species. Perfect for a night out with the girls, a birthday party or a romantic rendezvous, the Véletlen Bar is worth crossing the river for. Great expertise, friendly service.

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