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Photo : Bódis Krisztián / We Love Budapest
Városliget, tó, tavasz, virág, virágzás, szökőkút

One of the first public parks of the world, Városliget (also referred to as City Park) was the central venue of the millennial celebrations of 1896. Contrary to beliefs, it is not the largest park in Budapest (the title goes to Népliget), but it is certainly the most lovable one, because it is family-, sports-, and pet friendly. Now there is also a bird-watching educational path and garden found here, where we can occasionally even spot the little residents of Városliget near their nests and feeders. The renaissance theater-like building of Széchenyi Bath is the perfect destination if we want to spend the day in thermal water, while the Zoo and the Circus both await children with various exciting programs. During the summer, we can take a boat and row on the Városliget Lake, and then have a burger at Pántlika. The pond is turned into an ice-rink in the winter, and after skating, we can have a warm drink at Városliget Café. The Museum of Fine Arts and the Kunsthalle on the opposite sides of Heroes’s Square provide entertainment for the lovers of arts.

Update: Due to renovation works, some venues, such as the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport, the Museum of Fine Arts, Holnemvolt Park, as well as other small locations are temporarily closed until about 2018.

Tip: New pavilions were built adjacent to the Budapest Zoo, thus we can now buy splendid souvenirs, Fragola ice-creams, the tasty cakes of Szamos, as well as savoury sandwiches here.