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Photo : Hirling Bálint / We Love Budapest

If there are beer and wine shops, shouldn’t there be a shop for prosecco as well? The answer is yes, and there is actually one in Budapest, on Semmelweis Street between Deák Square and Astoria. Named Proseccoshop, the shop has more than forty types of said drink. As an added bonus, they also have a few spirits and wines in the selection that tries to cover everything from fruity drinks to more masculine, mineral flavors. You can buy just a bottle, or get larger, 1.5 and 3-liter versions as well. The cozy interior that has warm colors and rustic, wooden furniture houses tastings, workshops, and dinners as well, all of which is absolutely along the lines of the goal of the two founders: that the sparkling wine of the Italians should gain the respect it deserves in Hungary as well.

Tip: The selection changes seasonally, and if you aren’t in the neighborhood, you can browse their webshop.

Opening hours
Tuesday12:00-20:00-Open now
PHONE : +36304392032