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Lukács Bath

Photo : Hartyányi Norbert / We Love Budapest
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Lukács Bath is one of the longest standing spas in Budapest. In the XII. century, the Knights of St. John used to care for the sick here; later, knights from Rhodes and Malta established a bath on the same grounds, which was transformed into a Turkish batch during the Ottoman occupation. After a full renovation, the modern Lukács opened its gates in 1884, but still preserves its century-old interior. In 1999, the whole bath was revamped once again, including the indoor and outdoor pools, and so today it provides all services that a XXI. century spa is expected to offer. Lukács was visited by numerous actors, poets and artists, many of which received a memorial plaque, as well. These regulars included, inter alia, István Örkény, Zoltán Kodály, Zoltán Latinovits and Dezső Garas.

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