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Liberty Bridge

Photo : Bódis Krisztián / We Love Budapest
Szabadság híd, Szabihíd

Szabadság híd (Liberty Bridge), linking Fővám tér and Szent Gellért tér is a favourite spot of locals and tourists alike. People love it because of its central location – main tram lines go across it (47, 48, 49) – and because it looks amazing in photos. In the summer of 2016 the bridge was closed down from traffic for months because of the reconstruction of the tram rails, and a series of “bridge takeovers” began – it became a colourful venue for yoga classes, grill parties or just hanging out. The takeovers continued in the next summers as well with four eventful weekends.

The bridge was built between 1894 and 1896, spans 333.6 metres and it would remain standing even with the 49-meter-long middle section removed. It was originally opened as Franz Joseph Bridge as part of the Millennial celebrations – the last silver rivet was put into the iron structure by Emperor Franz Joseph himself (commemorated by a plaque at the Pest abutment).