Lángos at Flórián Square - Krumplis Lángos

Photo : Balkányi László / We Love Budapest
Flórián téri lángosos - Krumplis Lángos

In the Flórián Square underpass of Óbuda is the so-called Krumplis Lángos, where we can buy pancakes, waffles and lángos spiced up with a variety of extras. Among the guests we can find almost all sections of the society, but there is no discrimination. Lángos sprinkled with chives is just as delicious in a suit as it is in a torn leather jacket. The prices are low as possible; we can overdose ourselves for just a few hundred forints. The selection ranges from the traditional variations (with potato, cheese, ham or cheese and sour cream) through more special combinations (with sausage or tzatziki) to stuffed lángos. They also have waffles and giant pancakes (with Nutella, cottage cheese, chocolate and jam, just to name a few). For anyone who considers becoming a regular, we would recommend a gym pass too.

Opening hours
PHONE : +36305745471