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Király Street

Photo : Juhász Norbert / We Love Budapest
Király utca, forgalom

Mile-long Király Street is always buzzing. Running parallel to Andrássy Avenue, this historic street is a modern cultural hub in the heart of Pest. Filled with cool design shops, little boutiques, galleries, and endless eateries and bars, Király is a perfect place to wander day or night. For refined entertainment, the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music is found along Király, too. The street provides easy access to much of Budapest’s vibrant nightlife, running perpendicular to Kazinczy Street and Akácfa Street, among others. It is also one of the entrances to the passage of Gozsdu Udvar, which feels like an entirely separate part of the city. In the winter months, Király Street is defined by Christmas lights and the smell of roasted chestnuts. From spring, it’s the territory of tourists and locals in search of fun spots for a day or night out.