Located on Bartók Béla út, one of the liveliest streets in south Buda, Grill Mánia brings authentic Balkan flavours to the city. The owner, Velinov Velizar aka Bárni, spent his childhood in Bulgaria, where he mastered the craft of making chargrilled delights. On the menu, guests can find an abundance of grilled meats, as well as grilled cheese platters, peppers with feta, shopska salad, but pljeskavica, ćevapčići and Bulgarian kebabs could also not be excluded from the selection. Homemade ajvar features as well, while their feta-based urnebest is basically the Balkan version Hungary’s traditional spread, körözött. Thanks to the South Slavic grill experts running the locale, the dishes here are flawless, which is balanced by the typical kindness and friendly hospitality associated with the Balkans.

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