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Fishermen's Bastion

Photo : Németh Kornél

Fishermen’s Bastion (Halászbástya) in District I. is one of the best known landmarks of Budapest. Thanks to the unparalleled panorama from its neo-Roman lookout terraces, it is one of the most notable tourist attractions. Its main facade, which is parallel to the River Danube, is about 140-meters-long, which enables visitors to enjoy the breathtaking view while taking a short stroll. Its cone-topped stone towers symbolize the 7 Magyar chieftains who once led the invasion of the Carpathian Basin and decided to settle down here. The name of the building dates back to the Middle Ages, when this section of the castle wall was defended by the fishers’ guild. Since 1987, Fishermen’s Bastion has been one of Budapest’s World Heritage sites.

Opening Hours: March 16-April 30: 9am-7pm; May 1-October 15: 9am-8pm