Deák St. Kitchen

Photo : Balkányi László / We Love Budapest
Deák St. Kitchen

As the premier restaurant of Budapest’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the Deák St. Kitchen serves international dishes inspired by classic Hungarian cuisine, all amid a comfortably classy ambience reminiscent of the city’s famous belle-époque coffeehouses. The welcoming leather-upholstered booths, artfully tarnished mirrors, and wallpaper festooned with pheasants and flowers give the place a gracefully welcoming atmosphere, aiming to make both locals and international visitors feel at home within this casually refined atmosphere. Along with delicious dishes and gourmet bites, the restaurant offers an alluring selection of exclusive cocktails, like the Bonne Femme Bellini, Deák St. Martini, and the Smoking Hot Old Fashioned. The restaurant’s terrace on Fashion Street is now one of the city’s best spots for laid-back people-watching.

Opening hours
Tuesday12:00-00:00-Open now
PHONE : +3614295550