Cake Shop in József Attila Street opened a unit at Jókai Square during the fall of 2017 called Cake Shop Healthy. This place is health conscious and pays attention to environmental awareness which means that here Fanni Sallay and her team sell desserts that are “free”, making life easier for those who are allergic to gluten, lactose, or are looking for a sugar-free, vegan, or paleo alternative. Alternative ingredients work well and maybe we wouldn’t even recognize the difference if there weren’t signs indicating what’s in each dessert. The selection is always changing, but there’s a good chance we will find pies, cheesecakes, brownies, macarons, or some kind of biscuits in the counter. Cake Shop Healthy also has tapioca pudding, sandwiches made with homemade baked goods, quiche, egg-based meals, smoothies, and coffee, so we can definitely count on it as a breakfast-spot as well.

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