BarCraft, the first esport bar in Budapest and Hungary, is located in the Corvin Quarter. This is the place where no one will give you weird looks when you say MMORPG. Open your laptop and on with your headphones, and you can start playing after downing a Miss Fortune (League of Legends) cocktail. The interior is especially suited to gaming with the cool posters, monitor-friendly dimmer lights and various figures. BarCraft serves an ever-growing subculture. The target audience includes fans of League of Legends, Warcraft, StarCraft and Hearthstone but all geeks and gamers are welcome.

You can also find two more locations: the one in Buda has a unique style with a mixture of grungy steampunk and Victorian elegance, while at Nyugati station, you can enjoy a wide range of board games, and wargames can be arranged on their tables as well.

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