Anjuna Ice Pops

Photo : Kőrösi Tamás / We Love Budapest
Anjuna Ice Pops - Pest, jégkrém, fagyi, fagylalt

Anjuna Ice Pops make popsicles from natural ingredients. The team loves to experiment with flavours, so they usually have countless exciting versions on offer. Try the strawberry-and-mango, Sicilian pistachio or raspberry-and-chia ice pops and, of course, check the special seasonal variations. Their ice creams are organic, vegan, lactose- and gluten-free, so you can cool yourself down without worrying about the ingredients. True ice-cream lovers don’t have to spend the whole winter without frosty treats either, as they do not close up for the colder months, but surprise visitors with special flavours. In case you don’t fancy cold treats in the winter, it is worthwhile to try their sugar-free cakes made with rice and coconut milk, chia and tapioca puddings, raw doughnuts, and homemade granola.