Worldly Tastes: 8 spots to eat Vietnamese food in Budapest
Photo : Funky Pho Facebook
Worldly Tastes: 8 spots to eat Vietnamese food in Budapest

“Cou tiam aen nao gan day khong?” – that’s how you say “Is there a restaurant nearby?” in Vietnamese. Even if you aren’t planning a trip to one of the most unique South East Asian countries, you don’t have to go without, because there are some great Vietnamese restaurants in Budapest. At these spots the pho and summer rolls are as authentic and tasty as can be. Pho, summer and spring rolls, nem, salads and other kinds of Vietnamese dishes tempt us (at lunch or dinner) to have a(nother) bite. Ăn ngon miệng nhé!

Funky Pho Sáo哨 Hai Nam Pho Bistro Hanoi Dang Muoi Pho Bistro(s) Hoa Sen Quán Honourable Mentions

Funky Pho

Photo: Funky Pho Facebook
We have to start with Funky Pho because it was recently awarded street food of the year 2014 by Dining Guide. This, of course, wasn’t by accident: their pho is world-class quality – and just as you’d find it in Vietnam. You can ask for four different versions: with shank, with ginger tripe and calves’ feet, with Vietnamese beef tartare and with sirloin. If none of these sound tempting enough they sometimes have weekly specials (although beware that this isn’t always a fifth kind of pho). They also have other Vietnamese dishes like summer rolls, grill salads and banh xeo (coconut milk and rice flour crépe with turmeric). Everything is prepared fresh on the spot and you can ask for vegetarian, gluten, and lactose free dishes or come up with a special request – the staff will be all ears. The restaurant is dog-friendly and during springtime, they have a kind of terrace so you can have a lunch while enjoying the sunshine. Be warned that seating is limited and this place is pretty popular so sometimes you might have to wait for a table.


Photo: Sáo哨 Facebook
The word Sáo哨 means thrush and twittering, since Vietnamese people often keep birds as pets, and so the name refers to a homely environment and togetherness. The small, but welcoming street kitchen opened in January in the heart of  and that means two things: top quality and pricy dishes. Everything is freshly prepared and tastes authentic; the menu consists of Vietnamese and Chinese dishes: noodles, dumplings, rolls, wok, fresh salads and desserts. As a closing line, we have to add that at this place, a good atmosphere is just as important as the food. The guests often have conversations with each other – or even with the chef!
  • 1075 Budapest, Holló utca 10.

Hai Nam Pho Bistro

Photo: Hai Nam Pho Bistro Facebook
Hai Nam Pho Bistro in Október huszonharmadika Street is dedicated to bringing Vietnam’s favourite hot soup to Budapest. You can have it with shank, sirloin and lángos (a type of deep fried dough) or chicken, or ask for the so-called ‘világevő pho’ (‘world eater pho’ in English) which comes with two poached eggs, two kinds of beef and lángos – believe us, this one cures all kinds of hunger. If you are up for a stomach-warming soup, but not pho, go for the bun ho, which is a more spicy and sour soup and you can have it with meatballs, taro, seafood and nem (a kind of Vietnamese sausage). They also have different kind of rolls and appetisers on the menu and between 11am and 3pm you can also opt for the office menu which includes a daily soup, main course and side dish.
Hai Nam Pho Bistro


Photo: We Love Budapest / László Balkányi
has one of the widest selection of Vietnamese dishes in Budapest: from all kinds pho and rolls to fried carp, simmering duck and Vietnamese water spinach. There is literally nothing you can’t ask for. Unlike many places in this roundup, it isn’t a small and cozy street kitchen but a ‘proper” restaurant, where you can order what you want from the menu. You could also go with one of the set menus in which smaller portions of different dishes are served. The ingredients are fresh and authentic, everything is tasty and prepared on the spot – it’s hard to complain about anything here. The prices are reasonable, although specialties and seafood cost a bit more. The rooms are spacious, and there is a VIP section which you can rent for special occasions or if you want to have dinner with your partner in a more intimate setting.
Hanoi Restaurant

Dang Muoi Pho Bistro(s)

Photo: Dang Muoi Facebook
What started as a small Vietnamese buffet in the Józsefváros Marketplace soon became one of the most well-known and authentic restaurant branches for those who are hungry for something new and exotic. They have the widest selection of Vietnamese dishes from pho and rolls to fried meatballs with lemongrass, and stuffed calamari with rice. They also have vegetarian and vegan options for those who have special dietary needs. The portions are huge, the ingredients are fresh and everything is tasty. If you are taking your first steps in the land of Vietnamese cuisine, this is your place. Home delivery is also an option.

Hoa Sen Quán

Photo: Hoa Sen Facebook
The restaurant name Hoa Sen is derived from the word ‘lotus flower’ in Vietnamese. The lotus flower represents the sign of fortune in Buddhism. And we have to say we are fortunate to have such an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Budapest. The food and the warm, friendly environment are second to none. Just like Hanoi, Hoa Sen has an exclusive private room, where you can organise a birthday dinner or even a karaoke party! You can find well-known dishes like banh mao (bun filled with pork or chicken meat, onions, eggs, mushrooms and vegetables), pho, different kind of rolls, wok dishes, and chuoi chien (fried banana with coconut milk and sesame).

Address: 1183, Budapest, Gyömrői Street 79-82.
Open: Monday – Sunday 9am – 9pm
Phone: +36 30 515 6688

Honourable Mentions

We have to mention two others for those exploring the Vietnamese restaurants in Budapest:

– Tre Viet Eat: decent Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, home delivery, huge portions, nice pho.
– Viet Pho Bistro: mostly pho and rolls, portions are huge and everything is freshly made, prices are reasonable too.