Where to party on Christmas Eve in Budapest
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Where to party on Christmas Eve in Budapest

Not everyone thinks that the best way to spend Christmas Eve is sitting in front of the TV, eating poppy seed rolls and listening to Christmas songs. Some people think that it’s the time for going out, drinking and partying – it’s time for real rock ‘n’ rollas. It doesn’t matter what you are into, but this guide is for those who feel the call of Budapest’s nightlife even at Christmas!

Silent Night @ Központ Tradition @ SZÓDA (Ceased) Christmas Special @ Lámpás Chrismuka Essentials @ Mazel Tov Puszi band @ Mika Tivadar Mulató Non-stop party @ Kakas Just the usual @ Cheerio Christmas shots @ Garzon Corvin Mall Christmas Party @ MÜSZI

Silent Night @ Központ

There are a number of reasons why Központ at Madách Square is one of the most popular bars in Budapest. It literally never closes and there is always something going on there. December 24 is no exception, with the place awaiting all the enemies of sobriety. According to the official Facebook event, there won’t be anything special, Mango will spin the records, and that’s all. But hey, it’s Christmas time and there is a party going on at Központ so it will surely be a merry Christmas.
  • 1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 5.

Tradition @ SZÓDA (Ceased)

We are pretty sure that every third young person in Budapest has spent at least one Holy Nights at Szóda, searching for the liquid version of the Christmas spirit. It’s kind of a tradition that after you’ve consumed enough poppy seed roll, you consume alcoholic beverages with your best friends. According to the official Facebook event, doors open at 8.55 and there won’t be anything shocking going on – just good times, good drinks, good friends. But than again, Christmas is about the aformentioned things, isn’t it?

Szóda (closed)
Address: 1077 Budapest, 18 Wesselényi Street

Christmas Special @ Lámpás

Talking about traditions: every year Lámpás welcomes a thirsty horde of anti-Christmas pub crawlers with something special – this time, it’s one of the DJs of Tilos Radio, AdamSalman. Lámpás has no plans of closing for the forthcoming days either: on 25 December there will be a Christmas/Hanuka party, and on 26 December Suba Attila & The SoulFool Band will hit the stage. Borsodi is still on tap, and still costs only 450 HUF.

Chrismuka Essentials @ Mazel Tov

Photo: We Love Budapest / László Balkányi
One of the best things about Christmas is that the Jewish district is also open on the 24 December. Mazel Tov is no exception – it welcomes guests with the so-called Chrismuka Essential party, and by party, we mean cocktails, grilled goods, hummus and other tasty treats. What is even more important than the menu and the cocktails (if there is even something more important!!) is that three DJs (BA10, 2ManyBenjamins and Raasa) will spin the most unique pieces of their collections.
Mazel Tov

Puszi band @ Mika Tivadar Mulató

Don’t believe those people who say that only fools go to concerts on Christmas night. Why? Because on the 24 December at 10pm, one of the most (in)famous Hungarian bands, Puszi will play a memorable show at Mika Tivadar Mulató, and let’s not forget about the wide variety of quality wines! Questions?
Mika Tivadar Mulató

Non-stop party @ Kakas

Kakas is a well-known checkpoint for pub-crawlers, mainly because of its reasonable prices and non-existent closing hours. The same applies for Christmas night: if you want to get (really) drunk without spending too much or going deep into the city center, then this is your place. If you haven’t had a family dinner, don’t worry: you can have pizza and hamburger here, so you won’t leave thirsty or hungry – but we can’t say the same about a hangover.
Adress: 1075 Budapest, Károly körút 23.

Just the usual @ Cheerio

Cheerio is the same: one of the cheapest places in Budapest, Christmas is just another opportunity for alcohol consumption. It is open until the moon turns into the sun, and will surely be crowded with people you can have a drink with. Nothing special, just the usual. But that usual is quite a good option today.

Christmas shots @ Garzon

Just like Szóda, Garzon is a popular meeting place on Christmas nights and this year is no exception. They are open on the 24, 25 and 26 December, and you can be sure that there will plenty of people you can have some shots with – especially ‘fény’ (vodka-soda-fruit syrup) which is like the trademark drink of the place. If you don’t feel like staying home or being stuffed with food by your family, here is your escape plan.

Corvin Mall Christmas Party @ MÜSZI

The MÜSZI in Blaha Lujza Square is a complex culturaland civilian community space that simultaneously hosts community activities, public art and social events, workshops, parties and concerts. It is a cultural space, a culture center, a redefined community center, and a community office – and it will function on December 24. However, they have no special plan: everybody should bring him- or herself, maybe some Christmas cookies and we’ll see.