We reveal the best gyros and kebab spots in Budapest
Photo : Balkányi László - We Love Budapest
We reveal the best gyros and kebab spots in Budapest

If we had to pick a street food that’s been present in Budapest for the past 20 years, it would definitely be the gyros. Anyone who’s ever eaten a gyros or kebab in Budapest will recognises this unmistakeable question: would you like onions and chili sauce with that? Well, here are the gyros and kebab spots where they can do so much more than that, as well as some that do no more and no less, but are still worth a taste.

Gyradiko Kyros Gyros Kerkyra Leonidas Gyros Vasilis Gyros Buffet Taverna Dionysos Restaurant Smaller favourites


Photo: László Balkányi - WLB

Gyradiko opened in 1999 in a spot further out from the beating heart of Hungary’s capital. Located in the 3rd District on the border of Békásmegyer it soon became popular in the area. They serve authentic gyros and other Greek meals. This is likely the result of the commitment of the owner, who always aims for top quality and who still gets some of the ingredients from Greece. Nothing shows the popularity of the place better than the fact that they now have three places in the city. We can also eat the famous gyros near Flórián Square. A gyros in a pita costs 370 forints and according to traditions it is made of pork, alongside the meat there is also tzatziki, onions and fries.We recommend that you order it on a plate (for 1290 forints) because it offers such an orgy of flavours that you will remember it forever.

Kyros Gyros

If we mentioned Gyradik as the first, then Kyros is definitely the second in the city that is the proud owner of the ‘one of the best gyros‘ title. They are in the XIII District and they make a gyros that matches a traditional Greek version very well. The pita is not what you are used to, you get a much better, tastier version, and neither the meat, nor the other ingredients have anything to be ashamed of (645 forints in a pita, 1145 forints for a plate version). If you feel the desire, you can also choose from other traditional Greek meals, such as the broiled feta cheese or the bifteki.

Kyros Gyros


A little closer to the heart of the city, we can also find some truly authentic Greek food. In the depths of VI District, is our next award winning competitor. Gyros meat here is chicken leg cooked using a secret recipe. The pita comes from Greece and it is the type you fold in half, creating a nest for the meat and the fries. It also includes three types of ‘sauce’: cream cheese (tirokafteri), tzatziki and a carrot salad, which if you are a first time visitor you can try separately. A gyros here is 750 forints, and in a plate version it costs 1490 forints.

Gyros Kerkyra Greek Food Bar

Leonidas Gyros

It seems that the great gyros places are attracted to the outer areas of the city, and this is the case here too. And although Leonidas is not that far out, prepare yourself for some travelling if you are in the downtown area. The good news is that it is well worth the trek because the selection is authentic Greek. It says everything that the place is owned by the uncle of one of the owners of Kerkyra. The pita version costs 700 forints, and the plate costs 1500 forints.
Address: 214/4 Üllői  Road, 1191 Budapest

Vasilis Gyros Buffet

There are places that seem like they are trying to hide from the wider public. One such place is Vasilis Gyros, in the outer part of IX district, that I could barely find when I was in the area and could scarcely find a trace of on the internet. They are unmistakably Greek, so fries are included in the gyros, which in a pita is 680 forints and 1280 forints on a plate. Above all, you can find other Greek specialities on the menu, such as the moussaka or the stuffed egg-plant.

Taverna Dionysos Restaurant

Photo: Taverna Dionysos Restaurant

Although it is in a different category to those mentioned above, Dionysos has been shining as a bright star on the sky of Greek restaurants for over twenty years. Although they specialise in home delivery, everybody believes that if you want the real experience, you have to visit the restaurant. The gyros is made from chicken here, and is served in a pita with tzatziki, salad, and vegetables. The price is higher than at the other places, it is 2720 forints, but the quality and the environment is worth it. Apart from this try the other classic Greek meals on the menu.

Taverna Dionysos

Smaller favourites

So far we listed Budapest’s authentic Greek gyros places, now its time for those, that are more like kebab places. While these might be cheaper, the difference between these and those listed above is also significant. Of course, everybody has their favourite gyros restaurant – if we collected ALL the places we would never finish – so here are the favourites of the editorial staff.

Star Kebab
They have quite a few restaurants in all the main spots. They offer beef or chicken gyros sandwiches wrapped in a tortilla (750 HUF), or a plate for 1350 forints.

Sza-Sa Burger and Gyros
Although the main attraction is their burgers, they also make gyros, and they do it quite well. Fresh vegetables, stuffed pita, fries, the price of the sandwich is 690 forints, and it is 1250 forints for a plate.

Eker Turkish Restaurant
52 Bartók Béla Road, 1111 Budapest
This place is a real classic in the area around Móricz Zsigmond Square. Most people pay a visit here after a pleasant night out in a bar. A great gyros plate costs 1280 forints, and of course it can have onion and spicy sauce in it.

Szeráj Turkish Fast Food Restaurant
If we described the previous place as a real classic, Szeráj is even more of a classic; there is probably no person in the city who has not eat here on their way home after a party. Of course you can have a gyros in a pita, but having a plate, which goes by the name döner kebab here, made of two types of meat, is the real deal, for 1250 forints.

A gyros place with a little bit of political message in the heart of IX district. Gyros here arrives in a classic pita bun with no surprises. The sandwich is around 600 forints, and the plate is 1100 forints.

Antalya kebab
A Turkish kebab restaurant on Szent István Körút (Grand Boulevard). Gyros can be from chicken or beef, a sandwich is 650 forints, a plate is 1100-1200 forints.

Istanbul Turkish Restaurant
This is another Turkish restaurant, with a number of places throughout the city. Still they call their product a gyros, which is made of beef or chicken, wrapped in a tortilla. A sandwich is 750 forints, a plate is 1350 forints.

Currently they possess the title of ‘the cheapest gyros of the city’, costing just 295 forints. Sadly it is cheap in quality too. The pita isn’t great, the ingredients are simple, the meat is forgettable. If you only have this much money with you, have a slice of pizza instead, you will be better off.