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Top venues to watch the fireworks from
Photo : Botár Gergely - kormá
Top venues to watch the fireworks from

The summer season is almost over but there is at least one huge gig that you shouldn’t miss! The 20th of August is nearly upon us, so you should be prepared to participate in the biggest Hungarian national holiday. Get ready for the fairs, the parades and all the fun and of course look for the best places from where you can enjoy the fireworks from. We will help you with this – we collected some of the most popular and most visited firework venues of Budapest.

The bridges of Budapest The ziggurat at National Theatre Vigadó Square Budapest wharfs Special cruises on the 20th of August Fisherman’s Bastion
First of all you should know, that there’s usually a massive crowd out on the streets on the 20th of August, so if you would like to find the best place you should arrive in time. You should also take some water and some snacks with you unless you’d like to spend a fortune on such things while you are waiting for the night to fall. Last but not least you should forget about high heels and such – put on your most comfortable pair of shoes, you will need them for sure.

The bridges of Budapest

Budapest is a proud owner of seven major bridges. Most of them are on the top list of firework venues for one very particular reason; they offer the best view. Unfortunately some of the bridges will be closed down for safety matters; some of the firework rockets and missiles will be installed on these bridges so no trespassing will be allowed. Of course this means that only a few of the bridges will be available for the public including Rákóczi Bridge and Petőfi Bridge.
Chain Bridge

The ziggurat at National Theatre

The ziggurat, right next to the National Theatre is also a great alternative for you if you want to enjoy the fireworks. You have to climb the spiral-shaped path first to get up to the top of the ziggurat but it’s worth every step you take along the way. The view is gorgeous but unfortunately there’s not much space, so you might not even make it to the top in the crowd. If you are lucky and devoted enough you can save a place for yourself – one of the best places in the city actually.
National Theatre

Vigadó Square

Vigadó is kind of like the pearl of Danube – it’s a lovely tourist attraction and it’s also a place that offers a great view. Gellért hill can be seen from here very well, so you can enjoy the flashy lights and the colourful fireworks while you relax in the luxurious surroundings. You can expect for a crowd of course but you can also be prepared for a great mood and a friendly atmosphere. Musicians will be likely to appear so live music will be provided for the celebrating people.
Pesti Vigadó

Budapest wharfs

Talking about the pearl of Danube, and Danube in particular we should mention the two wharfs on the two banks of the river. These are probably the most popular places for average fireworks-watchers but to be completely honest there’s nothing really special about them. A few trees, loads of people and an overwhelming buzz –basically this is what it’s all about on the wharfs. We could hardy deny, however, that the view is anything less than spectacular. Not only can you see the fireworks but you can also enjoy the sight of the whole city centre. On the Buda side you can enjoy the ‘Magyar Ízek Utcája’ (Promenade of Hungarian Flavours) which offers traditional and unique Hungarian dishes so if you are the voracious type make sure you visit this venue too!
The Danube Promenade

Special cruises on the 20th of August

If you are in the mood for a bit of a cruising then you should book your ticket right now to an exclusive boat trip! Don’t waste any time if you’d really like to experience what it’s like to enjoy a glass of champagne on board while you watch the sparkling and glittering night sky. MAHART Passnave Passenger Shipping Ltd. – abbreviated as MAHART – offers all sorts of different cruises. Champagne showers, fancy dinners and live music. It sounds rather posh, doesn’t it? Well, be prepared to dig deep down in your wallet, the tickets doesn’t come for free for such cruises and VIP treatment. At least you can be sure that your money will buy a real life-long memory.

Fisherman’s Bastion

The Buda Castle and its surroundings are sights that you should not miss if you happen to come to Budapest. These are the most romantic, the most historic and the probably most breath-taking sights of the whole city and not just on the 20th of August. Of course on this very day they all become a bit more special so don’t miss the opportunity to visit them one by one. We suggest the Fisherman’s Bastion on the big night, but as we said earlier, you should check the whole neighbouring area of the Castle district.
Fishermen's Bastion