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Top 25 most searched for cafés and restaurants on WLB
Top 25 most searched for cafés and restaurants on WLB

We Love Budapest has profiles for literally thousands of the city’s venues, with a short write-up and some photos, to make deciding where to go easier. We decided to check out which venues readers were most interested in, so here we compile a list of the 25 most searched cafés and restaurants in Budapest, based on the venue listing that readers viewed the most times in 2014.

Vintage Garden Alexandra Café Kádár Étkezde Most! Menza Restaurant & Cafe Bordó Bistro 400 Bar My Little Melbourne 2spaghi Kino Café Csendes Vintage Bar & Café SzendZso Bors Gastrobar SUGAR! shop 12bé - Experimental kitchen Dang Muoi Vietnamese Restaurants LEVES. The Donut Library Blue Bird Café Spíler Funky Pho Black Cab Burger Andalgo Deli Kispiac Bisztró Centrál Café
All of We Love Budapest‘s venue listings have a short bio on the place itself plus information on the location, opening hours and price-range. The listings also include photos so you can check out and compare places before you head out. We have already revealed the most searched for bars and clubs and sights and shops in Budapest.

Of course you can always find many more of Budapest’s cafés and restaurants here, but without further ado here are our readers’ top 25 most searched cafés and restaurants in 2014:

Vintage Garden

Photo: Balkányi László - WLB
Vintage Garden is located in District VII and looks like a design shop, but this cute place is actually a French bistro. The interior feels a bit like you’re in Provence. White-wood finishes, flowers and quaint decorations dominate the 100-square-foot terrace and the interior as well. The menu is French, with a charming Francophone atmosphere to match.
Vintage Garden

Alexandra Café

Sip your coffee or enjoy a cake with live piano music in the background at the grandiose Alexandra Café. Located on the grand  the building functioned as a casino in the 19th century before housing the first real department store in Budapest. Now the café, part of the huge Alexandra bookstore, also known as the Lotz Hall, is open to anyone wanting to have a break in an absolutely luxurious room that is drenched in old-world splendour.
Alexandra Bookcafe (Lotz Hall)

Kádár Étkezde

Curious about the dishes Hungarian families ate in the 70s and 80s? Then visit Kádár Étkezdébe in Klauzál Square. The unbelievably simple and brilliant dishes cooked by Katika are served in a homely atmosphere. The floor and the tablecloths are chequered, the walls are adorned with old photographs, and the chicken broth is just perfect. Since the eatery is near the , there are kosher dishes along with all of the traditional meals found in typical Hungarian homes.
Kádár Étkezde


Most! is a basement bistro in  offering fantastic lunch menus as well as breakfast and dinner. The interior is dominated by pictures, books, and wooden tables and chairs. They often host concerts and Most! is ideal for having a beer with friends while listening to some cool, unusual music. Prices are moderate, and the mood is always friendly. If you want to hang out and have a nice time, this is a great option!
  • 1066 Budapest, Zichy Jenő utca 17.

Menza Restaurant & Cafe

Photo: Menza
Right near  Menza is ideal for a lunch while sightseeing or a relaxed dinner, but be warned that it is often difficult to find a free table, so booking is a good idea. The service is fast and friendly, the milieu is that of a modern bistro, and the terrace is opened during summer. The traditional menu lists Hungarian and international dishes, the portions are large, and the daily lunch menu is reasonably priced. In the evening, it’s a lovely spot for a cocktail.
Menza Restaurant & Cafe

Bordó Bistro

Photo: Bordó Bistro
Bordó Bistro has a diverse breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and a special weekend brunch menu. There is a large wine selection as well. We also need to mention the interior because this is a large part of the appeal. The two storey space has huge glass windows. It had been a printing house and has a dark red floor, hence the name Bordó, which means burgundy.
Update: Closed

400 Bar

400 is a huge bar and terrace with modern interior design, a spacious feel and a trendy urban ambience. Nonetheless, it has also managed to preserve the underground traits that are typical of much of Pest’s nightlife. The vibe is best characterised by the red and black stripes of the wall and the metal pipes winding around the ceiling. The prices are typical of the area, while the kitchen offers hearty meals with Serbian flavours. This is an ideal spot for a big night out and larger groups.
400 Bar
  • 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 52/b

My Little Melbourne

Photo: My Little Melbourne
The name of this intimate little café on Madách Square is a tribute to a trip to Melbourne. The team behind the small My Little Melbourne café wanted to bring the spirit of coffee and café-culture to Hungary. Their motto is ‘life’s too short for bad coffee’. In addition to the numerous java options, choose from various juices, salads, sandwiches, croissants and other refreshments.


Photo: WLB
Two guys from Milan with a real Italian mentality and zero Hungarian language skills run this pasta place called 2Spaghi. Their style astounds everyone: it’s a little bit loud and chaotic but that makes the place all the more authentically Italian. Each day  they make various types of fresh pasta (ravioli, bucatini, tagliatelle, fussili) in Gozsdu Udvar that you can take home or eat right on the spot.

Kino Café

Photo: Kino Café
Enjoy refreshments, coffee specialities and alcoholic beverages along with home-style cakes and freshly prepared sandwiches at Kino. You can choose from various breakfast options in the mornings on weekdays and all-day-long on weekends. The café also provides numerous Hungarian and international papers and wifi for guests.
Kino Café

Csendes Vintage Bar & Café

Photo: Csendes Vintage Bar
Csendes is the favourite afternoon and early evening bar of many. The ruin pub-esque interior is cluttered with vintage knick-knacks, and it has a vibe unlike other venues in the area. The pieces of contemporary art and the second hand treasures covering the walls and the ceiling are partly what attracts artists, university students and young couples to Csendes. Each night it’s filled with a fun crowd, who are sipping a glass of wine or warming up over a steaming tea (in huge, polka dot cups) sitting beneath century-old chandeliers.
Csendes Létterem


Szendzso is found just a few minutes walk from the Buda end of  The atmosphere and the flavours all aim to convey the joys of slowing down and dedicating proper time to a meal or the perfect cup of coffee. SzendZso is an ideal spot to recharge on a busy weekday or a lazy weekend. As a bonus there are plenty of healthy options, a weekday lunch menu and farmers’ goods for sale.
  • 1027 Budapest, Frankel Leó út 11.

Bors Gastrobar

Bors Gastrobar is a real curiosity in Budapest. They deserve an A+ for their special soup and sandwich combinations, made of carefully selected ingredients. The also offer a selection of vegetable stews and pasta creations. A few of the Bors specials include coconut-chilli pumpkin cream soup with roasted pumpkin seeds, and the French Lady baguette with rosemary red onion jam, spicy chicken breast and Emmental cheese. Next time you’re hungry in Kazinczy Street, head to Bors!
Bors Gastrobar

SUGAR! shop

Photo: SUGAR!
SUGAR! shop has three locations: , Paulay Ede and Petőfi Street. The only thing better than the taste of their sweets is the way these sweets (and the stores) look. The effort put into the design of these creations is incredible. Fortunately, those with food sensitivity can also enjoy these pretty confectioneries with some lactose-free, gluten-free, and birch sugar versions as well. The store’s design is all the more impressive with giant lollipops, colourful wall paper and ice cream cone-shaped napkin holders. SUGAR! is like a sweets-themed wonderland. Enter at your own risk!

12bé - Experimental kitchen

Photo: 12bé
12bé is the kind of place where you meet friends and friends-of-friends. 12bé is one of Budapest’s popular ‘apartment restaurants’. They advertise their upcoming dinners beforehand, each with a theme. The owner, Anna, is full of great ideas – her creativity is just amazing. She likes opposites, so a lot of the dinners have opposites within the given theme such as spicy vs. piquant or light vs. dark. Make sure you book in advance.

Dang Muoi Vietnamese Restaurants

Hungry for culinary delights and an exotic experience? Visitors of Dang Muoi Restaurants (Ernő Street, Nagymező Street, Attila Street) can enjoy the authentic flavours of Vietnamese cuisine without leaving Budapest. The dishes and the Vietnamese staff will teleport you to a completely different world. We recommend their gigantic bowls of soup.


Photo: LEVES.
LEVES. which means ‘soup’ is a street food flagship in Budapest. Each day there are at least five different kinds of soup like coconut pumpkin soup, mint green pea soup, Catalan chicken soup or cold raspberry soup. LEVES. has baguettes, cookies and other delicious sweets as well.
  • 1053 Budapest, Vámház körút 14.

The Donut Library

Photo: The Donut Library
The Donut Library in a nutshell: the ingredients are all natural, the service is professional and the flavours are dreamy. But it’s not just donuts that you can enjoy here; with a spacious café you can come for a great coffee and stay for a longer break as well. Sitting in the comfy armchairs, you can also browse the books on the shelves, and if you fancy reading one simply leave a book in exchange and take the one you want home.

Blue Bird Café

Blue Bird Café at  specialises in a coffee brewing method rarely found in Budapest. Coffee beans from all around the world are roasted on spot and ground only a few metres from guests. It is up to you whether the ground beans are poured into a take-away bag for you to take home or brewed in the Italian coffee machine for you to drink on the spot. The coffee is exquisite and the cakes are to die for (or indeed to live for).


Spíler in  is a must-visit. There is a bar section, a courtyard and a restaurant. The music is great, the crowd is mixed, the prices are friendly. There is a solid menu and and a long drinks list. There is also Hungarian craft beer available. We’d also like to recommend their hamburgers, which are hearty and mouth-watering.
  • 1075 Budapest, Király utca 13. (Gozsdu udvar)

Funky Pho

Funky Pho is a super friendly, award winning Vietnamese street food restaurant. There is pho soup, summer rolls, grill salads, Hungarian craft beer and much more, all at very affordable prices. Vegetarian, gluten and lactose free dishes are also available. There isn’t any MSG or any other artificial crap added here. Funky Pho was selected for the Street Food of the Year award in 2014 by the French restaurant guide Gault&Millau. It’s also one of the first sustainable restaurants in Hungary.

Black Cab Burger

Photo: László Balkányi - WLB
There are a couple of Black Cab Burger joints now in Budapest, all offering delicious burgers. In fact, Black Cab Burger is most certainly one of the most popular options for hamburgers. This is partly because you can make your own combination, so that your burger is exactly how you want it. Choose the size of the bun, the weight of the meat and what toppings you would like. If you get thirsty choose from draft and bottled English beers and ciders.

Andalgo Deli

Andalgo Deli is a tiny Spanish grocery store near the  entrance of . Stepping inside, you leave Budapest behind and land right on the Iberian Peninsula. This place is filled with cerveza, sangría and jamón – that is Spanish beers, wines and hams. You’ll find many more Spanish products too: olive oil, spices, pates, cheeses, turrón, chocolates and Nocilla chocolate spread (the Iberian – and apparently more addictive – version of Nutella). Drop by Andalgo for a delicious sandwich, salad or coffee. And the sweetest news of all: there is churros too, freshly made on the spot, with hot chocolate sauce.

Kispiac Bisztró

Kispiac Bisztró is home to traditional Hungarian flavours, with everything from the jams, bread and pickled vegetables made in store. This place is ideal for a nice lunch or a dinner and you can also order takeaway. The ingredients are all fresh from local markets. It’s the perfect place to try Hungarian specialities. While the bistro can only seat around 20 guests, if you can get a spot you’ll be guaranteed a delicious meal, friendly service and a homely atmosphere.
Kispiac Bistro

Centrál Café

Photo: Balkányi László - WLB
Founded in 1887, Centrál Café is among the oldest restaurants and cafés in Budapest. It represents tradition and history, but is not afraid of change and modern elements. Its beautiful, antique interior, the paintings, decoration, lights and elaborate wooden surfaces make it one-of-a-kind. The kitchen focuses mostly on Hungarian cuisine. It serves excellent desserts and fine coffee. You’ll find Centrál in the heart of the city, close to the  and the pedestrianised shopping streets. Take a step back in time to 19th century Budapest.
Centrál Café