The new clubs of 2012: Downtown
The new clubs of 2012: Downtown

We took some time to explore the places where we will indulge in some drinking besides the usual places. For the first part of the series of articles in this topic we’re about to present four places in Pest. We sought them out and acquired all sorts of information kept in secrecy so far. An elegant, a lively, a gigantic and the last one at a perfect location. But how many more places can fit in this city? No clue, but we sincerely hope that thousands. In any case, we’re looking forward to their opening in eager anticipation.

Közhely Anker't trafiq kolor


Kálvin tér is kind of uncharted territory when it comes to nocturnal entertainment. Ráday utca is vibrant, Egyetem tér is beautiful but in between the two there’s nothing really. Just wait a little more. Közhely is going to open in 3 Kecskeméti utca. The exact date is still shrouded in mystery, though. It will be a two-story club on about 400 squaremeters. Its future customers are predestined by its location. Mostly college students, those working in the neighborhood and tourists who’d rather choose to take a stroll on the fresh promenade of 5th district instead of Váci utca (and for a good reason, we can tell). The club will mostly be based on drinks but a kitchen will also be there for the hungry. Simple, quality, easily digestable dishes will be on offer. They also claim to have pastry baked on site, which got us real excited at once.

Their innovation as to drinks it that a shot will be the central measure. And what’s the best is that the more drinks you order the less you have to pay for each additional one. The reason for this is to get adjacent tables to drink together and get into conversation with otherwise strangers. The three of you come, the six of you leave. The price range will be determined after consulting those of nearby places, such as Kakas or . A wide selection of musical genres will be presented day after day. There won’t be a dance floor but they hope to have to move the tables to the walls many times as the need for a spontaneous dance floor takes over. Great stress has been laid on the interior. Dóra Fónagy created the initial design, which was later completed by the managers. Four halls of different atmosphere but relating concept will be made. The bartenders will greatly influence the feel of the place. They are said to be more professional than those you find in average ruin pubs but also friendlier than those in an average downtown bar. It will be a place where you’ll come for some beers if you don’t feel like partying.


For a month or two there’s word around town that Anker is getting ready for summer. We tracked down Krisztián Vranik and got every pieces of information ripe for revealing. The exact place is not such information but it’s already made public that it will be somewhere in the 6th district, 3,2 corners away from . The complex will be able to house 800-1000 people with its two yards and a half-open dance floor. They say it will be a real garden in the city with lush flora, a huge screen and a beach soccer court. It’s not really a question who the guests will be as the place will be the summer projection of Anker. As for the gastronomy, Krisztián told us that your usual selection of drinks will be surpassed and the kitchen will be a constant battleground of hamburgers and healthy food. The music won’t be new for regular Anker-visitors: on weekdays it will be more underground-ish, while on weekends it will make you feel like you were at a house party. Entry will always be free and AnKer’t won’t be your usual “deprived” ruin pub. It will be stylish but not overly classy. Anyway, we can’t wait till its opening, since there hasn’t been a place with such size since . It isn’t an easy challenge but not a lost cause, either. Go AnKer’t, go, stay forever good.
  • 1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 33.


This is the most prestigious on the list. The restaurant-bar-club complex capable of accomodating 400 guests will be opened on the corner of Hercegprímás utca and Arany János utca, next to the in late May. The building has an exceptionally atmospheric, sunlit inner yard, which, thanks to the revolution of entertainment industry, is no longer disguised as the smoking place of National Tax and Customs Administration employees. It will be grand, refined, evergreen and good to eat and drink at. A really professional restaurant with a well-thought-out concept at day and a vicious club after dark. Thematic days will entertain the public, such as jazz, bootleg and nu disco. And what do they say about themselves? “Dead serious naughtiness. An apocalipse floating in the air. An act of one-night world-wide redemption. Those are what trafiq is.” They’re going to have a VIP-room with a private waiter and counter that you can rent for an average salary. The image was devised by Miklós “Goldenroach and King of ligatures” Kiss and the interior designer was the infamous scooter-riding macho, Péter “Doboz-4bro-Ötkert-Platz” Szendrő. We keep our fingers crossed for them and we can wish only one thing: Let them be always fine, elegant but open to everyone.

Trafiq (closed)
Address: 1051 Budapest, 18 Hercegprímás Street


Many have heard about it in connection with a certain kolor party in March. It wasn’t so clear then what is going to happen: is it an opening or what? Although they seemed to be ready to open, it turned out they’re going to open in late summer. That was only a party to celebrate the starting of construction. The place is doomed to be successful due to its unsurpassable location, that is the ex-G13 gallery-shop on the corner of  and . They say it will be a cool, feel-good place with a positive, care-free, cosmopolitan atmosphere. It’ll have two large, connecting places, a cellar and a ground floor and about 300 people can have fun here at the same time. Until the opening of kolor several parties will be given at various parts of the city, the next being behind Westend City Center in the Rush-warehouse on 11 May. The cellar-floor will be a separate island and the venue of the dance floor. They say the music will be compatible with the 6th and 7th districts: painless songs can be expected. Funkey Hustle provided the music at the first party, so it can’t get really bad in the future. They started with witty “fruit sticker” communication before the first party. We can only look forward to the continuation.

Kolor (closed)
Address: 1072 Budapest, 13 Király Street