The most romantic venues of Budapest
Photo : Pixabay
Bárkert Bistro, bisztró

Valentine’s Day is inevitably approaching us by the minute, pleasing all in love. Many times one just drops by a shop to buy the first heart-patterned cup, takes their significant other to a fancy restaurant or a cinema, and the big day is history.  But doesn’t love deserve more than that? A special afternoon or evening on 14 February is the least we can devote to what we’ve been making sacrifices for and who we’ve been getting so much love and tenderness from. Sometimes, though, it’s not easy to come up with the proper place to take our partner to for a romantic or stylish walk of love, so we thought we might help you a little with that. What’s more! Even those planning for a whole day will be able to fill their schedule with the venues to come.

Citadella Szent István park Clark Ádám tér Király stairway, Szalag stairway (and railing), Ponty utca Apáthy-szikla (Apáthy-rock) Károlyi kert Feneketlen-tó (Bottomless lake) Rózsák tere Füvészkert József hegyi-kilátó


Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest
The tiny bus no. 27 goes to Citadella from Móricz Zsigmond körtér. Those wishing for some windy romance could easily be regulars here. The park, green in spring and summer, will not let you down even if you arrive near the end of winter, on the day of love. There are swings, benches and a beautiful view to Budapest. It’s advisable to come here in the early afternoon to make the wind that blows up on the hill more bearable. And if you want to surprise your partner with a hot soup, you can find fine dishes at two different places, too: Búsuló Juhász or Citadella Étterem.
  • 1118 Budapest, Gellérthegy, Citadella sétány 1.

Szent István park

Photo: Hartyányi Norbert - We Love Budapest
It’s very easy to approach the park parallel to . Starting from Jászai Mari tér in Northern direction, embracing your partner it’s only a few-minute stroll to get to the garden with huge fountains and wonderful rose bushes. The rose bushes are adopted here, as is customary for some, and this is marked with little plates. After some circles done around the flowers and having memorized their names you can have a hot drink at .
Szent István Park

Clark Ádám tér

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest
It’s a special place for romance, only for the daring. Take a good-sized canteen full of hot tea and start out to Clark Ádám tér and its vicinity. You might as well try the to recall the civil-urban ski elevators of old times or throw together a light, simple and naturally steaming dinner in the square above the Alagút. This way your afternoon with your partner will be enchanting for sure.
Clark Ádám Square

Király stairway, Szalag stairway (and railing), Ponty utca

Photo: Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest
If you want a walk in the city, there’s no better venue than the crooked little stairways below the castle. You can set out from Clark Ádám tér or even Batthyány-tér. Either way, you’re going to have to dress up in warm clothes because you can easily be lured to stay for longer than you would expect.

Apáthy-szikla (Apáthy-rock)

This place was created for the lovers of mountains and good weather. The long tour is guaranteed as hopping on bus no. 11 in Mechwart liget you can enjoy the sight of the charming hidden little streets of Budapest, then getting off at the end of the line, walking along Nagybányai út you’ll reach Apáthy-szikla itself. And you might want to take a rest on top after climbing all over it. Set out at about noon or in the early afternoon to surprise your partner with the view opening up before your very eyes.

Károlyi kert

Photo: Kőrösi Tamás - We Love Budapest
If you don’t have time for a bigger trek but still want to have a romantic timeout in an atmospheric park, you don’t have to search for long as Károlyi kert is situated in the heart of the city. At the oasis only a few minutes from Astoria tiny paths and fountains (that, of course, don’t operate in this weather but still evoke romantic feelings) await couples on Valentine’s Day.
Károlyi-kert (Károlyi Garden)

Feneketlen-tó (Bottomless lake)

Photo: Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest
What could be more romantic in the cold weather than a walk by the lake? In addition, if the ducks and gulls gathering in great numbers at the lake to be fed by the many onlookers are still awake at a late hour, the quacks and shrieks will summon the approaching spring.
Feneketlen Lake

Rózsák tere

Photo: Kőrösi Tamás - We Love Budapest
It can be considered a genuine urban place but it’s also mystic at the same time, and  if you arrive in sunny weather, you will not want to move along. At the monumental Neo-Gothic church you can enjoy a spiritual talk with the one you chose your significant other. Men! A talk like that can really impress a girl, and in such a romantic environment as little as 10 minutes is enough to get the flames of love rise.
Rózsák Square’s St. Elizabeth Parish Church


Photo: Hartyányi Norbert - We Love Budapest
For lovers flora! If you want to amaze your partner, this place is a must to visit at least once. You don’t even need to know anything about plants to spend some delightful hours in here. It’s a fact, though, that Füvészkert abounds in special creatures, and meeting them is definitely enough for a pleasant afternoon. While winter is not a good time for watching bromeliads or orchids, a little preparation could ensure many exciting moments. And if you feel frozen enough, Füvészkert Restaurant and Café provides a perfect place for finishing off your romantic day.
ELTE Füvészkert

József hegyi-kilátó

Now, this is a place which can only be approached with a car. Maybe few know of the round-shaped building towering above family houses but the sight that greets couples exceeds every expectation. You can come here even late in the evening to marvel at the little gems of the Danube and most of Budapest. This backdrop could be appropriate for as serious an intention as a proposal. But you have to dress up warmly as wind can blow really heavily up here. Also, buy yourselves some hot drinks along the way because there isn’t more romantic than sipping them together on the top of the city.