The brand new outdoor places of 2012
The brand new outdoor places of 2012

It’s summertime. The soccer games are on. It’s hot and there is a ban on smoking. This means that there is only one place left to go: let’s hit the outdoor places, the terraces and the gardens to have a drink, to survive the heat, to watch the games and to enjoy some company. In our latest article we will introduce five great outdoor places of the 6th and 7th district. All of these were built from scratch, they are ruins that came alive in many different ways. We were looking for reasonable prices, for the best beers, lemonades and spritzers and we also checked if these places offered bicycle storage facilities and screens with live streaming of the soccer games.

Super 8 – The darling of the Palace district Füge – The most surreal of them all Sufni – European Championship Games on three venues Bar O – a pleasant surprise Ankert – Finally not a block of flats

Super 8 – The darling of the Palace district

Opened on the same day with Ankert last Friday, Super 8 is the newest spot on Kőfaragó Street in the Palace district. It’s not an explosive place that is for sure as it is the heir of the lovely old-fashioned Kasza Blanka. They have a spacious garden with a giraffe, with a sausage-stand and with a Twin Peaks inspired room inside the building. The huge screens for the European Championship games are already being installed, but right now the matches can be watched inside on LCD televisions. When we were there it was kind of lonely as everyone tried to befriend the others outside. Kids were there with their bikes and we saw the kind familiar bartenders as well. The venue was designed to be available throughout the seasons. The garden will be transformed for the winter. Super 8 is still suffering from desertedness. We really hope that they will survive and they won’t fall into decay as a result of the lack of guests.

Cheapest lager: 370 Ft
Cheapest spritzer (small): 170 Ft
Cheapest lemonade: 400 Ft
Soccer streaming: Yes
Bike storage: Under construction

Füge – The most surreal of them all

Füge is a really surrealistic place. It has the ordinary design;  in an old-fashioned block of flats the garden and the ground-floor flats were transformed into a pub. It has it’s very own flora and it almost has a Grandio touch to it. However, it very much seems like a Szimpla kert inspired block-of flats which was created with the ideas of a restaurant owner from Lake Balaton. The place has everything what one needs: an Arany Ászok beer counter, a Pizza King corner, an arcade machine, a disco room, a Fütyülős poster, a white leather couch. We could watch the games on telly if we would have an intention to stay at this place. The service seems to fit the mood of the place, although there was nothing wrong with it, it wasn’t rude at all. One might say that it is unacceptable to take the original idea and concept of Szimpla, Szóda kert and Tűzraktér and ruin their cultural heritage like this. This is an industry and Füge is doing well. Who are the guests? People who might find Doboz way too complicated.

Cheapest lager: 360 Ft.
Cheapest spritzer (small):110 Ft.
Cheapest lemonade: 550 Ft.
Soccer streaming: Yes
Bike storage: Yes

Sufni – European Championship Games on three venues

We don’t hear much about Super 8 and Füge, and we don’t hear about Sufni either. The environment is the usual – huge building, court and ground-floor flats. The bigger court is already covered with a roof, so smoking is only allowed in the back area. We can watch the soccer games on three different screens. There is one central screen and two smaller LCD tellies. The design reminds us of the stereotypical underground clubs of the millennium. There is a table tennis room, and you can hang your bikes inside. Service wasn’t at its finest when we were there. Although the place is all right but the experienced district junkies can sense that it’s ran by outsiders.

Cheapest lager: 350 Ft.
Cheapest spritzer (small): 195 Ft.
Cheapest lemonade: 350 Ft.
Soccer streaming: Yes
Bike storage: Yes

Bar O – a pleasant surprise

This bar was opened in Ó Street without anyone noticing. It takes a two-minute walk from the neighbouring Instant to get to this Mediterranean jewel. A decent example of how a block of flats should be transformed.  The ground-floor flats and the upper floors belong to a hostel which could cause minor problems but everything seems to be just fine. The mixing and blending between locals and foreigners is at a good rate. A door of a hostel room was opened and we could see the beds inside. Above the court freshly-washed sheets were hanging in a sort of Latin-American way. There is a serious roasting going on in the kitchen – they even have their own lunch offers. Small dance floor, kind bartenders and a place that is nothing like Budapest.

Cheapest lager: 400 Ft.
Cheapest spritzer (small): 240 Ft.
Cheapest lemonade: 360 Ft.
Soccer streaming: Yes
Bike storage: No

Ankert – Finally not a block of flats

We have already published an article on Ankert. Nothing special happened – it opened on Friday and closed on Saturday. The grand opening was crowded and everyone who matters was present. Smiley, good-looking youngsters were engaging in conversations and they were breathing the paint-smelling air. After being closed for a few days they re-opened on Wednesday. Nothing changed radically but we hope everything’s all-right beneath the surface. The soccer streaming is projected to the screens outdoors so it’s not the best place to enjoy soccer during the daytime. Between the five places this one is the most promising, despite the fact that the doors in the water closet are not working properly. Ankert is a great place which breaks the boundaries of blocks of flats.

Cheapest lager: 470 Ft.
Cheapest spritzer (small): 230 Ft.
Cheapest lemonade: 300 Ft.
Soccer streaming: Yes
Bike storage: Yes, but there’s nothing to anchor your bike to