The best street food places in Budapest
Photo : Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest
The best street food places in Budapest

Putting banalities regarding the velocity of our lives aside, eating out shouldn’t always mean a multi-course meal with a glass of wine, but every once in a while it’s good to drop by any of Budapest’s street food locales for a quick and tasty bite. Fortunately, the city boasts many delicate eateries that offer fast-and-fine food and speedy service, here we present some of them that are worth trying out.

2Spaghi Arriba Taqueria Bors Gastrobar Leves Padthai Wokbar Gyradiko Hummus Bar Marika Néni Café Punjab Tandoori Szeráj Dang Muoi
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Best of street food in Budapest


With an abundant selection of fresh pastas prepared here every morning, 2Spaghi is a true Italian-style dining destination found in two distinct locales in central Budapest. Meals are not only available for devouring on the spot, but guests can pick a box of raw pasta of many varieties for takeaway.

Arriba Taqueria

Arriba Taqueria offers inexpensive and appetizing Mexican meals in town, with multiple shops on the city’s Pest and Buda sides. The spice-infused selection includes burrito, quesadilla, and much more and all this you can chase down with a glass of chilled Mexican beer.

1067 Budapest, 25 Teréz boulevard
1015 Budapest, 1/A Széna square
1117 Budapest, 8-10 Október huszonharmadika Street (Alle)

Bors Gastrobar

An expansive queue lines in front of Bors Gastrobar every day at lunchtime, a popular street-food spot located on bustling Kazinczy Street, just a stone’s throw away from Szimpla Kert. The menu boasts a selection of gourmet soups that are served in paper cups, alongside a few options of freshly-made pastas and crispy baguettes. Becoming a regular at Bors only takes a visit.
Bors Gastrobar


Just a few steps away from Corvinus University and the  Leves is the perfect spot for students and soup-aficionados, who long to grab a quick slurp. Besides the liquid delicacies, Leves serves a variety of sandwiches and cookies, while the service always comes with a smile.
  • 1053 Budapest, Vámház körút 14.

Padthai Wokbar

Heavenly pastas, fried rice and spice-infused toppings are born in Padthai’s show kitchen, where guests can follow the process how these Asian delicacies are speedily prepared over blazing flame, behind a thick glass wall. Besides the piquant treats, guests can pick up refreshing teas or lemonades, while sugar-free refreshments are also available.


With its traditional tavern-vibe Gyradiko is an ideal locale for those who are fond of great Greek food and have limited time. From palatable goat-cheese cream, to hot and cold Meze platters, to aromatic souvlaki, this District III locale is worth a trip outside Budapest’s downtown zone.

Hummus Bar

As a revered hummus hotspot in multiple locales citywide, the menu here boasts a combination of healthy vegetarian and meat-infused meals. Try any of the many hummus offers with various toppings and soft pita bread, or a plateful of flavorful Shakshuka.

Marika Néni Café

Marika néni (‘aunt Mary’ in Hungarian) is the heart and soul of this lovely place that is best known for its extreme-size hamburgers of various mouthwatering fillings. Marika néni’s talkative nature and her tasty burgers are so popular that the place is always filled with guests from near and far, therefore  pre-ordering your meal by phone is highly recommended.

Address: 1094 Budapest, Angyal utca 28.

Punjab Tandoori

With a menu based on Punjabi gastronomy, this unpretentious restaurant serves some of the best Indian cuisine in Budapest, where besides the meaty treats, such as Tandoori chicken or lamb korma, the menu presents an abundant selection of vegetarian meals, such as palak paneer or crispy vegetable samosas.
Punjab Tandoori


Offering a mix of Turkish and Hungarian cuisine, Szeráj, located between the  and the  is a happening spot day and night, selling substantial portions of gyros, falafel, alongside various meat and vegetable dishes at fair prices. The place is open until the late night hours when it’s often filled with a post-party crowd.

Address: 1055 Budapest, Szent István krt. 13.

Dang Muoi

Photo: player.hu
To savor authentic Vietnamese meals head to any of Dang Muoi’s locales, spread citywide (including Nagymező Street and Veres Pálné Street in central Budapest) , offering such delicacies as fried goat meat, Vietnamese spinach salad, or fried rice pasta with beef.