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The best open-air cinemas of 2012 in Budapest
Photo : Balkányi László - We Love Budapest
The best open-air cinemas of 2012 in Budapest

Going to an open-air cinema is like a glass of lemonade; it’s a great choice for hot summer nights and it’s very refreshing. We checked the greatest spots around town where you can get yourself a cosy seat and watch a good movie. Its worth to treat these kinds of timeless activities with respect – not much of them was left to us but they are very much enjoyable.

Holdudvar KertMozi Zichy Udvar Tranzit Open-air cinema Millenáris Fővárosi Autósmozi (Drive-in theatre)
This is just what open-air cinemas are like – the repertoire is quite wide, seats are comfy, we don’t have to listen to others munching nachos right next to us, no one, who is 30 inches taller than us will sit right in front of the screen so basically things can hardly go wrong. Going to an open-air cinema is chic and lovely and it’s a great way to get to know others, to befriend with people, to act as a connoisseur or to relax a bit.

Holdudvar KertMozi

Holdudvar is like the ‘alpha and omega’ of open-air cinemas: it’s a great place with great company. From this June on, the French Institute (Institut Francais) will move outdoors as usual. Following the success of last years the institute is going to present the latest and greatest of French movies. The screenings are becoming more and more prestigious year after year both in the eyes of the public and along the paths of empiricism. We might say that you can all expect for the best. During this years’ festival (Kertmozi a Holdudvarban) we can choose movies that match our mood, for 800 forints per screening. Between the 25th and the 31st of June we can enjoy the movies in French but English subtitles are available as well. 2012 will offer some special extras including a movie projector that works with original 35 mm roll-films. Six movies will be screened week after week, on Mondays.

Movies on the spot:

  • 25th June, 21:00 – Nővér (L’enfant d’en haut)
  • 2nd July, 21:00  – Valaki más élete (La vie d’une autre)
  • 9th July, 21:00   – A fa (The Tree)
  • 16th July, 21:00 – Beszélj róla (Parlez-moi de vous)
  • 23rd July, 21:00 – Legfelső emelet balra (Dernier étage gauche gauche)
  • 30th July, 21:00 – One director, two movies – Defekt and A világ nők nélkül (Le Naufragé and  Un monde sans femmes)

UPDATE: Closed

Zichy Udvar

Close to Margitsziget, in one of Óbuda’s most prestigious gardens in the Zichy Udvar an open-air cinema is waiting for movie-lovers on Mondays, during the programme series of the traditional Óbudai Nyár. It might be a good idea to arrive around half past eight in the evening, because you might come across special quests who were invited for the screenings to Zichy Udvar – which can be approached from Fő square with ease. The screenings of Hungarian classics are free and these programmes offer a great way to finish a long Monday.

Movies on the spot:

  • 25th June, 20:30  – Conversation with Pál Sándor, 21:00 – Régi idők focija
  • 2nd July, 20:30    – Conversation with Gyula Bodrogi, 21:00 – Szerencsés Dániel
  • 9th July, 20:30    – Conversation with György Cserhalmi, 21:00 – Kísértet Lublón
  • 23rd July, 20:30   – Conversation with Dorottya Udvaros, 21:00 – Ripacsok

Tranzit Open-air cinema

After including two open-air cinemas from Buda let’s move on to another one, from Óbuda to Újbuda. Anyone who would like to enjoy a good movie close to the Feneketlen Lake should check Tranzit Art Café where the projectors are turned on on Friday nights. Before hitting the town it’s a great programme for anyone who is around Kosztolányi Dezső square, who likes easy-to-understand movies, who is waiting for friends who are running late again but it’s also a good choice for open-air lovers.

Movies on the spot:

  • 22nd June, 20.00 – A tolmács (The Interpreter)
  • 29th June, 20:00 – Ütközéspont  (Changing Lanes)
Tranzit Art Café


Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest
Unfortunately Millenáris Park is not operating as an open-air cinema in the long run. However they made an exception on Saint Ivan’s Day, on the 23rd of June. Movies will be screened from 10am till late night. The shortest night of the year will start in a stylish way with Melies movies, which will make the audience wonder how it was possible to create such psychedelic etudes in the early stages of movie-making. Entrance is free and worthy.

Movies on the spot:
23rd June

  • 10:00 – Lotte utazása
  • 11:15 – Selection of Latvian cartoons for kids
  • 12:50 – Lotti Kütyüfalváról 20:00 – Férfiak a szaunában
  • 21:00 – Georges Melies short films
Millenáris Park

Fővárosi Autósmozi (Drive-in theatre)

The drive-in theatre of Fővárosi Autópiac (FAP) is a journey – on one hand it literally takes a journey to get there, since it is situated next to Nagykőrösi Street, close to the M5 motorway. On the other hand it’s a journey to the past; this is the only drive-in theatre in Budapest. It’s a real classic and it’s just like the ones seen in the 80’s teenage love affair movies with all the curly hairdos, coloured trousers and asymmetric tops. Tickets can be purchased all day for 800 forints per capita on spot, they open at 9pm and the movies start at 9.30pm. They screen mainstream films that are widely popular. The first screening was in 1992, later they were closed for a while but since 2007 they are working again and they are waiting for guests. You can be lying on the engine hood, under the starlight, with or without a chair in the biggest car park of Central-Europe where no screening was ever cancelled despite the location.

Movies on the spot:

  • 23rd June – Védhetetlen (Safe House)
  • 30th June – Rossz tanár (Bad Teacher)

    According to our sources similar screenings are about to be held in Szimpla Kert and in Fogasház as well – check the official sites of the places for more information.