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The best live escape games
The best live escape games

We love games that require logical thinking, and we are fond of the sweet struggle of trying to solve real-life puzzles, however we never thought escaping from a locked room could be such a fun activity. With numerous abandoned basements citywide, in recent years Budapest has become a superpower in live escape games, and these underground chambers are awaiting to become sinister scenes of claustrophobic nightmares. Here’s a shortlist of the best places we survived.

Claustrophilia MindQuest Para Park Da Vinci Titka (Da Vinci's Secret) Detectivity TRAP


From the moment you enter Claustrophilia, anything can happen, and you might be part of the game right away. With the quirky clues, participants need to use their logical skills to solve the riddles, while the game challenges everyone both mentally and physically. We wish we could share more with you, but unfortunately we can’t…

Price: from 8,000 forints/team of 2; 10,000 forints/team of 3-4

Photo: Claustrophilia
Claustrophilia - The Wicklewood heritage


Those who are fans of Mission Impossible, definitely enjoy MindQuest. During the game, you have two important missions: disarming a bomb, and finding the world’s biggest diamond. You have one hour to accomplish both, but if the team’s cooperation is flawless, and you pay attention to details, then all will end well.

Price: 6,000 forints/team of 2; 10,000 forints/team of 3-5

Photo: MindQuest

Para Park

Para Park was one of the earliest birds in the genre of Budapest’s live escape games, where the players have to find their way out of the dark cellars of a ruin pub by solving a maze of puzzles, tracking clues, detecting messages, and opening lockets. Lone wolves will face some problems: having a team around you is essential.

Price: from 9,000 forints/team of 2-5

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi/We Love Budapest
  • 1081 Budapest, Vajdahunyad utca 4.

Da Vinci Titka (Da Vinci's Secret)

Based on numerous conspiracy theories, the game is filled with fun facts and those who play are required to think in a rational and associative way, while the team members have to move as a unity to solve the mystery.

Price: from 2,000 forints/person

Photo: Da Vinci Titka


Operating as multiple establishments, as a live escape game and as an apartment theatre, riddles, scents, and sound effects conjure an unforgettable atmosphere at Detectivity. Those who want to escape from here need to find the perfect balance between their own instincts and the proposals by other members of the team.

Price: from 10,000 forints/team

Photo: Detectivity


TRAP is the acronym of Team Race Against Puzzles and even though this real-life puzzle uses tons of clichés (lockets, keys, clues hidden in the lamp-shell), the game provides random excitement.

Price: from 9,000 forints/game