The best dishes after an intoxicating night – Part 1.
Photo : Kőrösi Tamás - We Love Budapest
The best dishes after an intoxicating night – Part 1.

We all know how bad it is to try to fight our starvation after having a few drinks. But instead of having a kebab or a tasteless slice of pizza it might be a good idea to check the offers of the different clubs, bars and pubs because we can easily bump into hidden treasures of delicious dishes. In the shadows of wine lists sometimes there are laminated raunchy menus with the best beef in town, not to mention the amazing goose sausages.

Kőleves Kert – Inimitable beef roast Mika Tivadar Garden – goose sausage stuffed in lamb intestine Ellátó Kert – Mexican fiesta Ankert – An honest hamburger

Kőleves Kert – Inimitable beef roast

Following the traditions of Kőleves Restaurant, this is all about taking gastronomy to perfection. The young waiters and waitresses are trying to balance on the rubble ground while serving the crispiest roast beef in town. Girls should most definitely be prepared if they decide to order this dish – the king-size roast beef is huge, what’s more it’s served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. The top choices also include the Kőbuci hamburger and tócsni (a kind of deep-friend potato pancake) costing 450Ft. The waiter guy, who speaks with a lovely accent, told us that we have to taste this special dish, because it’s the only place around where we can try it. Well, we all know that there are some other places just around the corner offering tócsni, including with its dry, tasteless version. Vegans should try roasted gomolya cheese, served with pear vinegar on a salad bed. The kitchen is running from 10am till midnight.
Kőleves Garden and Restaurant

Mika Tivadar Garden – goose sausage stuffed in lamb intestine

The popularity of chicken infected this as well. Their best selling dish is chicken klementina which is definitely not the most exciting food they can offer. They have a special dish on their menu which could possibly be the greatest enemy of vegans – it’s a goose sausage that is stuffed in lamb intestines. We have no idea where it came from, but we hardly care about it. The seasoning of this speciality is great, it is very light yet rich and nourishing. It’s served with salad and with grilled potato, costing only 1590 forints – which is exactly the price of a Big Mac menu. Food offers are available from 6pm till midnight on weekdays, and from 6pm to 2am on weekends. If you’re looking for a low-budget dish you should go for the freshly grilled potatoes – they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Mika Tivadar Mulató

Ellátó Kert – Mexican fiesta

It’s probably the loveliest little outdoor kitchen in town. Tünde Ilyés travelled all the way through Mexico to learn the basics of taco making. Unfortunately, chicken is once again the most popular choice here as well. The beef, which is more exciting, is aged with paprika, onion and red wine so guests should forget about the dry and boring poultry. Another cultic dish of the Mexican cuisine is rajas, which is a mixture of paprika, corn, onions, cheese and sour crème all fried together and topped with coriander-garlic sauce. The chorizos for the tacos are custom made by a butcher from the Market Hall while the tortilla chips are made by Taco Loco. In Hungary only wheat flour tortillas are made, that is why orders its own hand-made corn tortillas from a guy named Orlando from Bratislava. Another great thing about Ellátó Kert is that it offers small bites as well, like a handful of tacos for the ones who are only feeling slightly peckish, at a reasonable price of 450 forints.
Ellátó Kert

Ankert – An honest hamburger

The lovely booth of , imaginatively named BUFFET is struggling with its own opening hours from the very beginning. When we were there the last time, on a Wednesday night they opened around 10pm but the starving and the waiting was all worth it. Csirke, the chef prepares some of the greatest burgers in town. Just to give a few examples; you can try the roasted beef burger with gorgonzola, the chicken burger with lemon and thyme sauces but there is also a vegan burger with grilled veggies. On a stronger night, they can sell up to a 1000 burgers, costing 1000 forints each. Side dishes include chips and steak potatoes, but we can also try the dollar chips, but to be completely honest we have no idea what that is. From the sauces, Csirke’s very own spicy hot ketchup is the best – well at least, that’s what he is saying and we should trusts him. Hotdogs are made with debreceni grill sausage. They also serve special, seasonal dishes – costing 5-600 forints – that are usually made with the freshest and most exciting ingredients.  The last time we checked the special offer was prosciutto. As a matter of fact BUFFET should be running from the opening of Ankert till closing, which can easily mean 6 am.
  • 1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 33.