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The 10 best things about summer in Budapest
Photo : Bódis Krisztián - We Love Budapest
The 10 best things about summer in Budapest

From the 1st of June, even calendars agree with us about the need for summer that brings along life itself every year. During this era of sizzling hormones we just can’t wait for something magical to happen, and although we haven’t heard of any upcoming paranormal activities, we can assure you that there will be parties, baths, ice-cream, cold lemonade and juicy fruits. We are going to share with you the 10 main reasons why we love summer in Budapest.



There’s nothing like waking up to birds singing just outside the window, except knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy it for it for a very long time. In the summer you can take care of all your business during the day without having to be afraid of finding yourself in some post apocalyptic scene as you step outside your office at 6pm. 
In this season, fun starts in the early evening, and if you can leave your sunglasses on for a couple of hours when you meet your friends in an somewhere in the city. But be careful. Getting stuck is very likely; you can’t make rock’n roll stop with “only one beer” and some responsible thoughts. 


When it’s cold, it doesn’t matter where we go, the key to our happiness is the amount of alcohol but in the summer it gets a lot complicated than that. As your Facebook party invitations grow in number probably you’ll start banging your head against walls for not having time to attend all of them, because Budapest really is a superpower of awesome open air parties. 
Just to mention a few: in 2013 summer you can attend , birthday parties, Dürer Kert birthday parties, Craft Beer Festival, Buborék Festival, , Beer Festival in the Castle, and between them you must organize parties around , or in a friend’s garden.

Fun in the water

The time comes in everybody’s life when you can’t take the heat anymore and you just need to be near a pool. Of course a real Budapest dweller is not willing to leave the city just for some corny beach, they are perfectly aware of this killer-corals and evil shark free city’s swimming opportunities.
The limited but still abundant selection provides places like , Császár-Komjádi Swimming pool, and. If you want to know more about baths, click !

Getting rid of clothes

Summer clothes are good for many reasons. Number one: you can see the best features of a person you like without having to take them home. Number two: you don’t have to look clumsy and out of place when you are standing at the bar with your sweatshirt and coat under your arm. 
In the summer freedom manifests itself in a set of flip-flops, shorts, and t-shirts and we love them like no other. 

Riding bikes to work

On two wheels you have control over your time, it keeps you in the best shape and it feels just like a million dollars in your pocket. 
Fortunately you can get bikes and all kinds of accessories in almost every corner in Budapest plus, from time to time, the most famous ruin pub organizes a Bike Market so you can get unique things for your two wheels. 

Mother Nature

During these months one must wander out into the “wild” and reunite with mother nature. Of course, you don’t have to think about flowers, buzzing bees and romance, some liver pate with a half-dry bread and a bottle of cheap wine from the bottom shelf will do the trick perfectly well. 
When it comes to going out you can think of , Philosophers’ garden, but if you don’t have any ideas on your own we can give you some. !

Ice cream

Sweet tooth is okay now. You can always blame winter for making you crave for the fourth ice cream ball. Also it’s strongly advised in this time of the year to learn some of the local language so you can flirt with the cute ice cream girl who’s, by now, probably quite sick of the rush. Fortunately there is an ice cream stall on every corner, but of course, you should try more because all of them has straights and weaknesses. If you don’t want to roll the dice try one of the ever green ones: we recommend Fragola, , Vári cukrászda, Gerbeaud, Jégbüfé

Outdoor sports

We all know that alcohol contains sugar, sugar makes people gain weight and in the summer we tend to drink a lot. So I guess you all have connected the dots by now: you have to jog! During those (at most) 2-3 days with alcohol stop we love to consider going out to set a new record at running, but there are also guerrilla yoga, Thai Chi options under the sun. If you like Mad Max more you can hop on a skateboard and do some flips, or you can fly around on your bmx. Remember, sweating on the bus doesn’t count as burning calories. 

Juicy Fruits

Finally you don’t have to buy those too shiny, too big therefore clearly GMO related fruits in supermarkets, you can get all the natural things from the local markets for a lot cheaper. There is nothing better than offering you colleagues fresh strawberries in the morning, or later in the summer maybe with melons. These godly things are not only healthy but also keep you from chewing on chips, chocolate or other unhealthy foods. For better experience you can always inject fruits with vodka. 


The Hungarian national long drink fröccs is made of soda and wine in whatever proportions. But be careful, depending on the wine-soda relation their names are different: kisfröccs = 1-1, hosszúlépés 1-2, nagyfröccs 2-1, házmester: 3-2, viceházmester: 2-3, háziúr: 4-1, polgármester: 6-4, alpolgármester: 4-6, Krúdy fröccs: 9-1, sóherfröccs: 1-9,  maflás: 5-5, csatos: 10-5, avasi fröccs: 7-3, sportfröccs: 1-4.
Probably most bartenders have no idea about these either. 

If you planning on visit the city, our could have some useful information for you.