Terrace time comes early in Budapest
Photo : Norbert Juhász/We Love Budapest
Terrace time comes early in Budapest

As the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, we start to long for sunbathing our faces in the first rays of the spring sun, accompanied by a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. Most terrace hangouts open in Budapest around mid-April, but we know a few open-air places that we can already visit for some long-awaited springtime satisfaction.

It’s important to really “prepare” for spending time at terraces, since even though we already need sunglasses, the weather can still be chilly, and no one wants to welcome springtime with a nasty cold. Fortunately, most already-open terrace places are considerate enough to provide warm, colorful blankets, so that our time spent outside is as pleasant as possible. Soon, We Love Budapest will present a large-scale terrace roundup, but for the time being, enjoy this “teaser”!

One of the sunniest spots in the city is Március 15. Square near the Pest side of Elizabeth Bridge. The panoramic view is fantastic, the area bustles with people walking around, and there are plenty of attractions. Fortunately, we’re not the only ones who took note of this location’s advantages. KIOSK, for example, is a great choice, even if we only want to drop by for a slice of cake, since their confectionery is excellent; their new-wave Rigó Jancsi is still a big hit, but we also recommend the chocolate and plum krémes. We can find the other two terraces of the square at Monk’s Bistrot and Kuglóf. The former is known for its grill kitchen and wide wine selection, while the latter is exciting because of its pastries and lunch menu. In addition, both have a great atmosphere thanks to the Piarista Passage.

Photo: KIOSK
There are  popping up on Lánchíd Street, as well. When the trees are not in full bloom, the view of the  can be rather pleasant. Both  and  have large windows overlooking the Danube, so we can enjoy some sunshine even behind the glass – even though it’s definitely more fun outdoors. Between 8am and 11am, we can also enjoy a nice breakfast on the terrace of Meat Boutique – with eggs and fresh croissants. ZONA has one of Budapest’s best-known kitchens, with delicious dishes; we always enjoy a French fish soup and baked Alaska dessert on the terrace with marble tables.
Photo: Meat Boutique
A really nice downtown spot is  next to the , on Bródy Sándor Street. During sunny hours, we can feel like we’re inside and outside at the same time all year round while drinking our morning coffee or eating a slice of cake in the small glass pavilion – surrounded by nature, but still protected from the cold and wind.
Photo: Caffé Torino
Recently, the Opera House opened its own,  as well, which opened its terrace in March with a great view of  and an elegant atmosphere. Appropriately enough, we recommend their Opera cake, and their specialty coffees that add a modern touch to the monarchy-style café. Balettcipő is located a two-minute walk from here on Hajós Street, and the colorful terrace of this place can seen from afar. The terrace is still sunny here around 3pm, and we can easily submerge into summer sensations with a Balkan meat dish and a lemonade.
Photo: Opera Café
Freshly renovated  has some nice places for sitting outside, too: for example, Kelta Pub already set up their terrace. The pub has a lot of regular guests, and does its best to keep them by staying up-to date with an increasingly wide selection of craft beers. Sunshine and beer – always a dandy combination. The nearby  also prepares for spring by serving excellent specialty coffees on its terrace.
Photo: László Balkányi/We Love Budapest
The largest and increasingly popular confectionery of Fővám Square, , also didn’t hesitate to open their terrace, so we can already munch on their breakfasts and afternoon sweets there while admiring the  and the . Back on the Buda side,  on Döbrentei Street also awaits those who’d rather spend their time outside.
Photo: Amber's
Last but not least, while its terrace size may not be the biggest,  on Aulich Street also gives us the opportunity to sip our coffee – or ramen soup – outside already.
Photo: László Balkányi/We Love Budapest