Sweet Suds: the best places for fruit-flavored beer in Budapest
Photo : László Balkányi/We Love Budapest
Sweet Suds: the best places for fruit-flavored beer in Budapest

Fall is here, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up our favorite ice-cold beers. In the spirit of harvest season, try some new and unusual brews enhanced with essences of apple, cherry, raspberry, and other fruits. These specialty suds are not the dull products of mass production, but either local craft beers or foreign specialties. Many people are still wary of fruit beers, but we would like to change all negative – or neutral – opinions by presenting our favorites, accompanied by the best places to get them.

Belgian Brasserie Csakajósör! Élesztő Felni Beer Bistro Jónás Craft Beer House Kandalló Artisanal Pub Léhűtő Matróz Pub Pirítós Pub Práter Pub Snaps Gallery Sörmanufaktúra Spíler

Belgian Brasserie

Photo: László Balkányi/We Love Budapest
Perched on Buda’s Danube bank, Belgian Brasserie is an oldie but a goodie, awaiting guests with excellent Belgian beers and foods. Choosing a beverage is a tough task here, since usually we can choose from eight draft beers, not to mention more than 50 bottled brands. One thing is for sure, we cannot go wrong with a classic Floris Kriek cherry beer (880 HUF), and the banana, apricot, or pineapple Lambic beers of De Troch Brewery are well worth a try, as well.

Address: Buda I, Bem Quay 12.
Telephone: +361 214 4711


This tiny beer shop in the heart of District VII harbors unimaginable amounts of bottled goods, so it is hard to highlight specific beers. From draft beers, they offer IPAs (Brewdog, Mikkeller, 550-1100 HUF) regularly, but if we search a bit harder, we can find plenty of drinks to fit the criteria of our fruity tour. Examples of these are the Brouwerij Lidemans’ Framboise and Kriek (that is, raspberry and cherry), coming in 0,25 bottles (650 HUF).


Photo: László Balkányi/We Love Budapest
Any devoted beer fan in Budapest should visit Élesztő at least once. The incredible amount of draft beers in this District IX oasis often provides an excellent foundation for long intoxicated nights. We can really experience all the pros and cons of the volatility of craft beers here: for example, you might eagerly anticipate some chestnut beer the whole evening, only to arrive and realize that the keg ran out hours ago. However, we can always choose an alternative, like Stari Brewery’s cherry or plum beer (650 HUF), accompanied by calorie-rich pub grub from the grill kitchen – like a good sausage.
  • 1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó utca 22.

Felni Beer Bistro

The birth of Felni is directly attributable to current trends that we absolutely support, according to which a good hangout should offer plenty to drink and eat as well – and this site meets both of these criteria. Five kinds of draft beers are available at all times, including Czech and Hungarian varieties. In addition to the IPAs and lagers, this time we enjoyed a cognac-cherry beer from the brewery of Józsi Rizmajer (600 HUF).

Address: Pest VI, Jókai Street 1.
Telephone: +3630 568 0488

Jónás Craft Beer House

Ever since the opening of Bálna, Jónás is a destination for night owls (well, more like evening owls, since the place does not stay open late) who are thirsty for good beer. In addition to its independently brewed beers, the ‘brewpub’ offers drinks from Legenda and Roth, but the light elderberry beer of Brandecker can be a solid choice for an sundown drink, as well.
Jónás Craft Beer House

Kandalló Artisanal Pub

Kandalló always strives to provide a solid supply of bottles from the best domestic craft-beers makers, and this plan is working quite well, to be honest. While awaiting guests with fine beer on tap, if we would like a bottled drink, we can choose from plenty of fine options here: Roth’s Bakancslista (850 HUF) or the apple beer (650 HUF) are both solid choices.


Léhűtő opened as the first craft-beer destination of  in the middle of last year, and has been steadily serving its thirsty guests – and let’s face it, there are plenty of them to be found in the party chakra of District VII. Choosing a drink is not easy here either, since they have an immense amount of beers from Hungarian and foreign breweries. Our recommendations include Brandecker Bitter Cherry (680 HUF), or if we are lucky enough for it to be in stock, Stari Grapefruit.
Léhűtő Craft Beer Bar

Matróz Pub

We’re back in District I – and who would guess that Belgian Brasserie has a competitor with a similar beer selection this closeby? Despite the name of the pub, the menu is quite solid – to the delight of hungry sailors (matróz) – as well as the drink menu, whether we are thirsty for rum or beer. Among the draft beers, we recommend Sailor Kriek’s cherry beer (990 HUF), and if picking one of the bottled versions, Delirium Red remains the absolute winner (990 HUF).
Söntés of Matróz Pub

Pirítós Pub

We only dropped by  on a weekend, but this gastro pub founded in 2011 is doing so well that we could hardly find a free space to sit without a reservation. In addition to the excellent dishes, the place specializes in Slovak Kaltenecker beers, which we can get from four beer taps flowing with an ever-changing supply. If you decide to pop in, aim for the following drinks and you will not be disappointed: cherry, vanilla, or ginger Kras, or perhaps a lime wheat beer (790 HUF).

Address: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy Street 52/c  

Práter Pub

This place might be the most exciting stop on this tour. We might have to reassure our friends about the safety of Práter Street, but the luscious liquid selection is well worth embarking on an urban adventure. The selection here includes beers from the best domestic breweries – both in draft and bottled versions. We recommend the Békésszentandrási Cherry or Plum (450 HUF), and perhaps the Fóti Sörapu Orange-Honey (580 HUF).

Address: Pest VIII, Práter Street 3.
Telephone: +3620 527 1222

Snaps Gallery

’s Snaps is a sanctuary of Belgian beers, so the range of draft and bottled beers here is the most satisfactory. We can drink the above-mentioned Delirium here (800 HUF) and also Delirium Red, along with Floris Kriek (800 HUF). The fruit line is further strengthened by Floris Strawberry and Floris Ninkeberry, which has a tropical flavor to it.

Address: Pest VII, Király Street 95.
Telephone: +361 321 5323


Photo: László Balkányi/We Love Budapest
This pub opened on Ganz Street, surrounded by lush greenery, with a small terrace and great beers from four taps and bottles. Sörmanufaktúra is basically the Csakajósör of Buda, to the greatest delight of citizens of the western part of the city. Their selection consists of Hungarian, Dutch, American, and other foreign beers: IPA, chili, smoky stout, and so on! However, within the framework of this tour, we “only” recommend the Legenda Blueberry or Kiwi (550 HUF), or if we are brave enough, the Triple Cherry (750 HUF).

Address: 1027 Budapest, Ganz utca 6.


At Spíler, we can eat one of the best burgers in the city along with other high-quality pub specialties, but right now the focus is on the beers – obviously, everyone who read all the way the end of this list knows that. Many people do not realize that the craft beer selection is excellent here; in fact, we are better off drinking craft beverages exclusively. From the draft beers, the BelleVue Kriek is our favorite (560 HUF), but the bottled versions are interesting as well, including the Rizmajer Honey Orange Ginger Beer (770 HUF).
  • 1075 Budapest, Király utca 13. (Gozsdu udvar)